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Housing Association

TheWulfric Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello. I have been disabled through illness.  I have lung disease.  Prior to this I had some idea of the problems for disabled people but the depth of the issues has been somewhat of an eye opener. Unfortunately I get tired quickly, but I am not one to give up easily.  I am currently experiencing some issues with a housing corporation which I will be seeking advice on. I was surprised to find just how low disposable income must be to qualify for legal aid  (£730 per month! ) meaning that being on ESA for severe disability also means I have no access to help with the law.  Hmm. That seems about par for the course.  However. Like I said, I don't give up easily. I have had a number of battles with the benefits agencies, and am proud to mention I have won all of them.  The problem is it is difficult to have to fight every step of the way towards what for me frankly is death. Fortunately my indignation of injustice kicks me back into the fray. I have valuable experience I will be happy to share.  My story with P.I.P is of value to those facing similar traumas with the infamous atos, or whatever they call themselves now. What I would call them is not for polite conversation. I am looking for help or advice with an issue of discrimination with a housing association.  I can not address this immediately as I must get my daily ablutions done but will return later this evening better prepared. Thank you.



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