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Getting an advocate

Hello I have rang for an advocate for my voice to be heard more on speaking up and standing up for my rights like fighting more to be treated more better, kindly and fairly just the same as everyone else in all types of situations and also to get the right support for my mental health issues because of the way I have been treated is unfair and wrong and that everyone needs to start treating me as an individual and that everyone should treat me how I should and want to be treated. I still feel like I just don't know what to do anymore because no matter what I say or do now that nothing ever changes for me like one still does not listen to me, help or support me more, be there for me more or still says things in which are not right, helpful or gives me any hope for the future at all. I really need for things to finally change for me for the better, for the world to become a better place and that I have more hope finally for things to get more better for me too without anyone saying that things will not get any better at all when they should.



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