Pip review- reporting a change in circumstances

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Hi. I was diagnosed with Kyphoscoliosis last year after years of lower back pain that was just dismissed by one Doctor. I saw a different one and he spotted it straight away and sent me for an x-ray. This confirmed his diagnosis. Although, not severe, I am in constant pain. It hurt sitting on a bus, a chair and I have to lay down at home to watch TV. My lower and upper back arecin absolute agony when standing in a queue, I'm constantly have to move around or sit in the middle of town. My concern is that I am already claiming PIP for EUPD. However, since then, I have also been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Kyphoscoliosis. My review is in August and I'm too scared to add this additional information as it might start a new claim and then I'm rejected for everything. I am under a Psychologist and I'm due to see a Consultant at the pain Clinic on Friday. My life is so isolated apart from attending appointments. I'm really sorry for the long description of my conditions; I'm constantly tired and I'm so Anxious. The new Doctors I'm at now do not provide supporting letters. My old Doctor who picked up on this was really supportive. Thank you for reading and accepting me into the group!


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    @Kirstyk1908 Hi and welcome to the community.

    If your Kyphoscoliosis inhibits your daily needs and mobility I would encourage you to make it known to PIP. If you're already claiming for another condition and your award is helping you with that and you don't need any further financial support then all it would be is a change of circumstances.

    I know how it feels to have an isolated life besides appointments. If you can get to a class, even if it's just one you really enjoy once a week, do it. Free or paid.

    I also know all about Doctors not writing supporting letters anymore. I think it's discrimination against the disabled. They'd be more likely to need letters of support, so more likely to be charged for it. The alternative is you are always entitled legally to ask for a copy of your medical records.

    If you'd like to chat about anything you can catch me on here.
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    Hi @Kirstyk1908 and welcome

    You have not said what your current award is.
    You have a review in august, is this because your award ends aug next year ?
    You are supposed to report any change in circumstance although this will often trigger a new f2f

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    @Hi @Kirstyk1908

    I am sorry to hear of your situation and am glad to see other members have already suggested some support

    As @CockneyRebel says, you should report the change in condition to the DWP. Citizens advice list the criteria for changes in circumstance. you may also be interested in the following pages:

    Tips for completing your PIP form 

    Appealing a DWP benefits decision

    Preparing for your PIP assessment

    I hope this helps you and do keep us updated.