can claim the Mobility component of PIP even though, I am in receipt of my state pension?

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I am in receipt of the Daily Living component of PIP (have been for a few years as I have RA). I recently received my State Pension and have been diagnosed with COPD. This has made me unable to walk very far at all as I get breathless.  Was wondering if anyone knows if I can claim the Mobility component of PIP even though I am in receipt of my state pension ?? Thanks in anticipation of anyone answering .......


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    Hi @Rosielea thank you for sharing this with us. 
    On the AGEUK website it says: If you’re awarded PIP before you’re of State Pension age, you’ll continue to receive it after too.
    But regarding the mobility component, our members may be able to answer this for you.

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    As you're over the age of 65 you won't be able to claim for the mobility part of PIP.
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    Those claiming the mobility part of PIP will continue to get it as long as they meet the criteria of the PIP descriptors when they retire and get their state pension. New claimants cannot claim or have an upgraded award from standard to enhanced mobility.