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PIP Award turned down, saying unwell to drive motability car

Macshan12Macshan12 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hey up everyone


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  • Macshan12Macshan12 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I would just like to tell you of a wicked tactic that the DWP have put me through. I had a face to face assessment to renew my pip award which I've had for 3 years they have turned me down for my mobility car telling lies saying I'm not well enough to drive basically they are undermining the mobility scheme these people seem to be a law unto themselves funded by the government no holds barred. If we don't fight them they will take everything away from disabled people my car is my lifeline.well I've asked for mandatory reconsideration see what happens I don't hold any hopes.the mobility people should be watching what's happening and try and do something or I fear the scheme could be scrapped all together .
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,257 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Macshan12 and welcome

    PIP mobility award is not about driving or having a mobility car. It is to help with the additional costs associated with limited mobility, whether that is for taxis or some other form of transport
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  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Macshan12 Sorry to hear this.  Understand what you are going through.

    Only last year lost my car.  Made a choice after 20 years driving on the scheme. 

    First not to appeal because looking at all options available something to consider.

    Which are stress and anxiety heightened due to appeals process, got points but if I appealed could look at whole award get nothing.

    Has been known as many of the stories on this forum show.

    Another thing if I won how long again and again has been known that as well.  Roundabout of handing back car having a car, do I need that. Am getting sick of it all so why worry  my self.

    Also financial incentive . Goes down or becomes non existence if appealing.

    One other final point do a lot on line shopping, prescriptions, get delivered, banking. Works out cheaper hiring a taxi for the things you may have to do.

    Like appointments, Doctors, Dentists anything else.  Trips to Bank or Post office.

    Just used common sense so combine visits after anything like that to other appointments  like Post office or Bank do a trip..

    Door to door taxi plus they know the situation. Many like my taxi firm I use. Do deals .  All different now. Some have mobile numbers of course which you can text no need to ring and they will book you in.

    Send a text back with cost of fare and time. Some I know have Email plus many are disabled friendly. Want to help.

    Surprised me even waiting outside the Bank and Post office so can get my money .

    With on line shopping saved £40 other wise would have gone in car.

    Other day handed back some of my taxi fare as I was only twenty minutes. 

    PIP is used for helping you around getting about so use that to fund my taxis.

    Plus remember the additional costs you may have petrol, car parking cost of blue badge fees, driving congestion, all the stress of driving.

    There when I need it the taxi.

    Feel a lot safer and also getting older.   Another suggestion I have is also next time have an assessment have to use the loss of car.

    In the descriptors. Something to I will be using.  Well it is a factor in my mental wellbeing.  Something else to consider as I was told by a friend.  

    I wanted to say these points something to look at . Also Motability have a booklet they sent you with very informative ideas and information.

    Hope that helps. To give you reassurance.

    Always supportive. Please ask if we can help and advise with anything.

    Please take care.


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