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Facing tribunal, what can i add?

karina123 Member Posts: 1 Listener
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I am in desperate need of help and support. I have worked as a nurse for the NHS for 15 years and never claimed a benefit in my life. I have a condition called intestational cystitis and am facing major radical surgery to remove my bladder and hysterectomy at the same time. I am off work sick and will hit half pay soon. I applied for pip and was outraged to be awarded only 2 points despite this condition and depression and anxiety on top. I appealed and was denied  and  now face tribunal , I’m now catheterised and like I said facing massive surgery and living my life with a stoma  . Has anyone been through this and what should I do and add to make them
Yours faithfully 


  • Antonia_Alumni
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    Hi @karina123 welcome to the community. How are you doing today?
    I am sorry to hear about the outcome of PIP, I hope the tribunal goes well. You may be interested in our Further appeal to the Upper Tribunal information page. Our members may be able to support you with this and your local CAB too.

    We have a guest blog on, A day in the life with a stoma, and members like @Sam_Scope in the comment section who may have similar experiences. :)
  • Sam_Alumni
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    Welcome to the community @Karina23
    I do have a stoma (though it is an ileostomy rather than a urostomy which I am assuming is what you have?) Have you seen the Bladder and Bowel Community? They can be a great resource and support.
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  • atlas46
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    Hi @Karina23

    A very warm welcome.

    Going through the PIP process, is trying for most claimants.

    If I could concentrate on the pending Tribunal, this is your opportunity to set out in clear details, how your disabilities impact on your daily living.

    I would suggest you view your medical records, at your surgery, to see what supporting evidence they contain. This is now free and I found good evidence in my files. Send these to Tribunal two weeks before hearing date.

    The panel consists of Chair (legal member), Doctor and disability rep.

    Concentrate your answer to the PIP discriptors and explain in as much details the problems you have, give examples of when things have gone wrong.

    Also bear in mind the panel must consider if you can complete the tasks, safely, in a timely manner and do it repeatedly.

    You can take someone with you for support, but it is your answers that counts.

    It should take about 30 minutes and most panels, give their deliberations on the day.

    Currently, there is a 71% success rate for claimants, at these Tribunals.

    Please Let us know, if you require further assistance.

    Keep us informed.

    Best wishes


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