Mandatory Reconsideration on PIPS

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Hi everyone, 

I requested a Mandatory Reconsideration after PIPs gave me zero rated mobility  from High rate on DLA.
Got my letter yesterday,  they have recondidered, with my letter of explanation and complaint about the assessor, and a letter from my GP, confirming my medical issues, I am now on enhanced mobility.
I have re-applied for my blue badge as that ran out beginning of March.
I am so pleased,  I am one of the 20%.
They say only 20% manage on MR, 80% success on appeal.
So people, please persue this, it really is worth chasing.
I can breath a sigh of relief, and stop being so worried and anxious!, time to call down now.

Thank you to you all for spuring me on and giving advice. I could not have done it without you.