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Hi i went to see my G.P. on the 8th of march to ask if she would write an evidence letter for my ESA claim she told me to go home and write everything down about my letter to give to health care assesement people so i did and returned it that afternoon to my g.p. surgery the receptionist said there would  be a fee of £10 i said ok i said i needed it before the 15th of march as my esa50 form had to be in by then i even told the doctor this as well... anyway i went in a few days before esa50 deadline day and still no letter explained to recoptionist that needed it before friday anyway got told the doctor was away for a few days i thought great all i need...So sent esa50 form off without supporting letter from doctor everyday after the esa50 deadline day i went into the surgery but still no letter anyway went in yesterday receptionist said letter on computer car,nt print it off cos needs docs signature collect it today so off i go to collect it this morning gets home opens it... its the exact same wording from the letter i had written by another g.p. for my pip tribunal except instead of saying pip it says esa on it also there was a note attached to the letter saying.. doctor feels unable to state the details you have given her as she does not have evidence to support this from your records so phychatrist,respiriatory consultant and autism team have sent all details over to my g.p. cos they have discussed this with me on other appointments she was the one who told me to write everything down so why say that.. it took my doctor nearly two weeks to copy a previous letter done by another g.p. which is word for word apart from two words six letters being changed from pip to esa and was charged for this letter.....


  • poppy123456
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    Which is why paying for a letter from your GP isn't the greatest advice because GP's very rarely know exactly how our conditions affect us. They will only be able to tell them about medication, appointments you've had and medication you take, if any. If a GP knows how your conditions affect you, it will be because you've told them.

    Its free to request digital copies of your medical reports, which can often be much better than a letter.
  • freckles
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    Ok thanks justed annoyed me life goes on
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @freckles Sorry to hear this about your Doctor.

    Did you know you can sign up to have you records down loaded to your own PC.?  To a printer.

    Called Patients Access . Use this for my meds to be delivered. Plus make appointments on line. To my Doctor.

    Reason I did the Patient Access other websites are available. The one on the TV ads we all see.

    For this purpose just in case.

    Only problem is they do give you a warning . In the blurb. Saying about the medical records.

    Because we do not know what the Doctor is saying about us. All typed up on PC.

    Other anything you disagree with speak to Surgery.

    Understand what you need to do is to go to your GP Surgery ask would like to have your medication delivered, make appointments on line.

    Ask about Patients Access. Most Surgeries are signed up to this service.

    You get set up and sign in details. All easy to do.

    I am not good with IT. Yet did this OK.

    Means in early morning asked for meds on line.  Need to say got them by Lunchtime by chemist who delivers. Other times usually next day or with in 48 hours.

    Saves a lot of hassle.

    Take care.


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  • freckles
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    I,m going to see the head of the practice in a few weeks so i,ll ask her then cheers spiceman
  • Silver925
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    You can also ask a relative or friend to write a letter as they see you on a day to day basis whereas doctors don't see how you illness affects you as much. They only see you for a few minutes each time and is often rushed. My sister wrote a detailed letter which the assessor read and included in his report. 


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