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Medication issue's because of Brexit

justg72justg72 Member Posts: 173 Pioneering
Hi All
Just wondering if anybody on this forum has had any problems with prescription medication because of Brexit?
I ordered my repeat meds to be told off the chemist that they are really sorry but we only have 50 tablets for now ( I take daily meds for my epilepsy) due to Brexit. They went on to say that they have tried to get hold of the tablets but are having problems. I asked "will you be able to get them for next week? as I need them" there response was "will try but can't promise and its all down to Brexit"
Has anyone else had a problem with this? as I find this really worrying for people who need regular medication. . 


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    No problems here and i collect my medication monthly. Have you tried a different pharmacy?
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  • twonkertwonker Posts: 617 Member
    edited March 2019
    If medication becomes in short supply because of Brexit you don't have much of an option. Remember how it was in the 30's, 40's & 50's. Not everyone was able to access the much needed drugs and people died unfortunately. In any emergency there will always be collateral damage.
    This country has seen many extremely difficult periods of hardship but the British people do have an in built ability to somehow get through it all.
  • TopkittenTopkitten Member Posts: 1,263 Pioneering
    @twonker, the reason for the high mortality rate in the 30's, 40's and 50's was mostly due to people not being able to afford doctors as the was no NHS back then and when it started people were suspicious of it, especially the elderly.

    @justg72, I'm afraid this doesn't surprise me at all. When we joined the EU (or Common Market as it was then) this country was barely self sufficient despite having a number of world-leading industries, varied and useful production companies and some generation of our own energy. Of course now the Coal Mines are played out and the Gas has run out and we will have to import all of it or go all Nuclear (at high costs for parts and labour). Now, due to EU rules and pricing structures, this country has little or no hope of having anything better than a massive loss in Balance of Payments which, i suspect, will kick inflation into high gear and cause many shortages. World trade simply isn't quick to respond unless you throw a ton of money at it. Brexit was brought about by people who have had little or no experience of life before the EU and the complications and restrictions it places on a country. I fully expect there to be an uproar if we go back to the restrictions on overseas footballers and clubs if it goes back to the way it was, after all EU players will not be able to just play here, they will need work permits. There are many many more examples but tbh it isn't worth making a list except to mention that GB produces a very narrow range of food goods and farmers may take years to diversify.

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  • twonkertwonker Posts: 617 Member
    Wasn't the decision to leave based on many aspects? Controlling who was and wasn't allowed into this country (same as USA, Australia etc) and the fact that we had to go along with what the EU said about what we can eat, drink, the shape of a banana and not forgetting a court that would over rule our own court decisions? We had control of who caught fish in our territorial waters with the Royal Navy policing the likes of Spain and France who regularly tried to catch our fish illegally.

    As for going into Europe way back, it was a very good idea. It was based on a Common Market principle that made sure that prices and availability were regulated. How we have ended up from those days to what is almost now a Federation of Europe I don't know. I didn't vote for that, I voted only for a Common Market 

  • justg72justg72 Member Posts: 173 Pioneering

    No problems here and i collect my medication monthly. Have you tried a different pharmacy?
    Yes I have tried other pharmacy's and they said they couldn't get hold of just one of many meds I take. Most of the meds I could get but the one for my epilepsy they said that there's a shortage. I have googled this subject matter and it looks worrying it says that brexit may have an impact on people getting the meds they need.
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