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pip and home visit

stevethemancstevethemanc Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hello,I am having a PIP  home visit on the 4th April, I suffer from agitated depression, psychosis, and paranoia. I get very very agitated and (appear to those that do not know me) to be very irate, threatening, and start to lose control of my head (starts to jerk all over the place) and, well you get my drift. My worry now is that the assessing person may misunderstand these symptoms and feel that I am threatening them, eventhough I never actually use any violent or threatening language. HELP.


  • EmmaBEmmaB Member Posts: 263 Pioneering
    Hi @stevethemanc
    If it would help for you to have a friend or family member with you then that is perfectly fine, then they can support you and/or explain how things are if you can't do that yourself. 
    Otherwise you could write something down before they come about how you appear to strangers and give it to them on arrival if that is easier than explaining face to face?  You could also include in that what would help you?
    I presume this will be easier for you at home rather than at a PIP assessment venue?  If it would be easier at an assessment venue for whatever reason you could always request that.
    Best wishes.
    PS Are you getting any proper support to help you with your issues eg from your GP, psychiatric services, community services etc?
  • stevethemancstevethemanc Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hello Emma 
    Thank you for your help will try the written note and hope it works.
    Oh and yes I have a support worker calls once a week.
  • EmmaBEmmaB Member Posts: 263 Pioneering
    Hi @stevethemanc

    That's great you've got a support worker - you could even ask them to help you compose the note or even ask them if they could be there when the assessor comes round [and if it goes to tribunal your support worked can go with you]. 

    The fact you have a support worker is valuable evidence too.  

    Do you have any counselling input - if not, you might want to consider that.  There are plenty of counsellors that offer online therapy nowadays so if getting out of the house is difficult that is a way round that issue...

    If you struggle to get out of the house without someone being with you you should get points for that at least.

    Best of luck with it.


  • stevethemancstevethemanc Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hello Emma B
    Just to let you know i followed your advice The PIP man has just left and I think all is well. Thanks again.
  • EmmaBEmmaB Member Posts: 263 Pioneering
    Hello @stevethemanc - that's great news, thanks for letting me know it helped!  Pat on the back to you for doing something and following it through, that takes courage. 
    Do post again and I'd be happy to see if I can come up with any ideas.  
    Fingers crossed for the assessment and outcome.  Post again if that doesn't go to plan as there are more stages you can follow to appeal a decision.
    All the best.
  • stevethemancstevethemanc Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hello again Emma
    I will certainly keep you informed and thank you again for your kind offer off future advice.

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