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Hello every one thought share the some more cheap eats. Orzo, Faro, Fregola.

These are grains and tiny pastas used in a variety of recipes.

Orzo is a tiny pasta more like rice and called Risini sometimes.

I use this especially with recipes like a salad or using up cold cuts of Chicken.

I buy Seafood mix which contains Prawns, Squid, Mussels all cooked. Easy to defrost over night.

Boil some Orzo a handful drain and rinse use this with a dressing. Home made.


You will need bag of Seafood mix defrosted.  One bowl one Pan for Orzo. Use a handful per person.

Dressing 1Tablespoon Mayo.

1teaspoon Dijon Mustard

1teaspoon Honey.

Dash of lemon juice I use a bottle all mixed together.


In a saucepan add a portion of Orzo per person a handful.  Bring to boil simmer, drain and leave to go cold. You could rinse it if you wish to.

In a bowl make up the dressing add Seafood mix plus drained Orzo mix. Serve.

You can buy Seafood sauce like a Prawn cocktail sauce or make your own.

1Tablespoon Mayo.

1Tablespoon Tomato Ketchup.

Dash of Tabasco, Worcester, Lemon juice.  Mix together.


This is like Pearl Barley. Similar way to use it.  In Ragu, One Pots . Easy to add to measure out.  Follow instructions on packet.

If you used Pearl Barley same as that.

Used this with Chicken and Beef, Pork makes a change from Pearl Barley. 


Tiny grains like Pasta called the Italian Couscous find this in big Supermarkets.

Again like Couscous used in Ragu, Fish Soup a speciality from Sardinia.  Follow instructions on packet.

I have used this like Couscous and it is something different to try. Rather than Rice or other grains.

Both Faro and Fregola like Orzo can be boiled and used cold as mixed into Salads and simple dressings.

Especially good with cooked vegetables roasted in jars. Called Anti Pasti Jars. Which you would serve drained on bread.

Simple dressing would be Olive oil, Lemon juice.  You can add Dijon Mustard, other are condiments . Such as Pesto.

Good quality Jars Pesto a helping hand to make simple salads and meals.

Be more to follow on Pesto.

Buon Appetito


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