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Another disable minister gone

jude1967 Member Posts: 53 Courageous
Another disable minister gone now over 2 weeks and no sign or mention wen a new minister be question is as always they said that people would get their universal credit that those that lost was suppose to be compensated and still not honouring the people that lost it not from migration as that's has not started they given so many dates now and Rudd said its be dealt with and that it been.done ..can someone please tell the truth ..I now more confused with this government saying one thing and doing the migration..we have thousand that been waiting now do anyone no if it's happening or are the Tories and Rudd lying again
.its should be be dealt as a crime I feel as the government are causing it they fraudulently stealing the money from us that lost the sdp it's disgusting and monster and deep should be charged with fraud hello jow many more disable monster going to resign and start the same bull
.amber Rudd is only after the PM job and sick hearing her say her father was disable and if the way she treated the people now after mcvey the woman in lala land so does anyone no now wat is happening with the sdp back payment and compensation ..its this is not justice to disable people at all ..sorry about the rant but this government should be held responsible and the sdp with fraud ..I only ventured out my home 2 times since Christmas flight stairs to get down and the fear of feeling trapped community care the social services aim.t got a budget and I seeing no light at end of tunnel I already read today they thinking charging 25 % .
Room tax now that is taking the **** ..if they do its bankrupt that mean I have to pay them £25 room tax a wk ..omg rant over 

[swearing removed by moderator]


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,627 Disability Gamechanger

    There's been no further announcements regarding those that lost their SDP when they transferred to UC.

    As a community champion here on scope, please be mindful of the language that you use.
  • jude1967
    jude1967 Member Posts: 53 Courageous
    I will apologise for my swear words ..but anger is not very good at time wen u hear more and more that we losing another minister it means every single time that if the government can.t keep their staff it means more time that we are lower caste because we disable ..this government needs to be investigated and those to brought to justice as obviously if a minister can find it easy to resign from their jobs to me if its that's easy to resign which many disable monster have it means to me that shows there no care for disable people ..


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