Change the record.............oops, lol,I mean,,update to scammers on dating sites! :)

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Dear Scammers, although it's great to get messages from Women half my age,and with a photo of a very attractive Lady, I'm not stupid enough to fall for it! 

Maybe if you tried using a photo of someone who's average,and doesn't go to the gym five days a week,does yoga,hiking,biking, mountain climbing,wing walking,runs marathons,etc , you might have a chance of getting a reply! 

When you send a message asking"what's your name"? And my  name is my actual profile name,it does tend to set the alarm bells ringing! 

And when it clearly states on my profile within 10 to 15 miles of Tamworth ,and your in Africa,New Zealand, Barnsley or London or Paris,obviously your geography lessons at School were no use all! 


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    Literally POF all over.