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£43 per week

ilovecats001ilovecats001 Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited April 2019 in PIP, DLA and AA
My husband received PIP but his conditions got worse and I asked for a face to face. Yesterday I discovered they've stopped his PIP altogether. This means he is now living on £43 Income Support per week. How are they allowed to disallow a benefit he was legally entitles too until I asked for a review as his condition is worse? These people are monsters. When the lady arrived from Capita she had no idea what any of his meds were for and I had to run through each one - she basically couldn't have cared less and was more interested making sure she knew her way home. I don't mean to complain but because depression and anxiety are part of his problem, I'm so worried about him. I've filed for a Mandatory Reconsideration but I'm told 83% of those fail. Once before he filed a Mandatory Reconsideration, it failed and then he got his benefit when we went to the Independent Tribunal but its very stressful and the 3 women on the panel were merciless even though they know he has problems speaking and interacting confidently. Please advise. We are in N. Ireland.


  • madquasimodomadquasimodo Member Posts: 130 Courageous
    You need help to prepare for tribunal should the Mandatory Reconsideration go against you, you need to go through each question and give examples of how his problems effect him. 
    Even if you get worse they don't take into account anything before F2F, any and all conditions can be dismissed and the snapshot taken during your F2F will be your "new level" its hard when you have some longterm conditions as your doctors/hospital paperwork will be seen as "out of date"

    They are supposed to read your paperwork to help with the assessment, its strange she had no idea what the meds were for, as these should be listed on paperwork and what they were for.

    When you advise the DWP your condition has got worse, its not unusual for them to give you a "fresh claim" and start from scratch, sadly they don't see you as someone with problems and have got worse, they just run through the PiP2 form as if you never claimed before, I am sure someone will pop up and correct that with a "it never happened to me"

    Whatever your husband has wrong try and get the doctor to print out his notes, I always request them from the hospital but never get them, I have to ask the doctor for copies (my partner has all her hospital reports sent to her, don't ask me why)  
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing Team, Community Team Posts: 7,951 Scope community team
    Hi @ilovecats001, how are you and your husband getting on?
    Reporting a change (even if it is that a condition has worsened) triggers a review of the award.

    I'm sorry to read that the face to face assessment was so bad and you have had to ask for a reconsideration. Madquasimodo is correct and if it doesn't go through you will need to prepare for another tribunal, hopefully this one won't be as stressful. How long ago did you apply for reconsideration? 

    Have you sought any advice from AdviceNi? They may be able to assist. 
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