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When WCA is seriously inaccurate.

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I suffer from complete fusion of my cervical vertebrae, also stenosis of my spinal chord,along with Abkylosing Spondylitis I am in constant pain and have limited movility .I attended a WCA and received 0 points after 21 yrs of suffering from this and many visits to specialist doctors, pain clinic I was suddenly cured! Joking aside i requested a MR and the DM rang and asked how i was able to hold my phone and speak to her if my reaching was limited, after this I submitted an appeal and complained  to the heslthcare assessment about the lack of important pain issues that she had disregarded.i recrived a reply which advised me to appeal which I already had, 4 months later with stress and angina problems iIwas referred for investigation at cardio unit and reapplied for ESA receurece the form to fill again and lo and behold another WCA date . this was in the space of 6 months and i had a heart attack 4 days before the WCA was due had a stent put in and my appointment rearranged12 days after my discharge. 
I have just had a new capability for work form sent to me again so rang them up asking if there had been an error as I had recently had one. The last HCP has declined to mention any of my muscoloskeletal problems although these were also on the form i sent back simply stating I would be suitable for work after a 3 month recovery period from the heart attack. The fact I am making is i dont understand why they are portraying me a if I'm not having any issues with my stooped back and fused neck with no disrespect to anyone you only have to look at me to immediately see my disfigurement. Also in my last assessment I was very breathless and my mother was present the report states iIwas not out of breath. What do i have to do???



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