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None booked phone call? Missed? Advice needed.

I had a phone call to the mobile which I missed. Private number. Could this have been the jobcentre? 
So worried, I had an appointment cancelled. I was told my work coach would ring me. She emailed me the same day with a new appointment. Question, if this missed call was from jobcentre could I still be sanctioned?


  • overthinkingagainoverthinkingagain Member Posts: 24 Connected
    Hello there! Can I ask, did the job centre cancel the appt originally? and was the phone call to you that you missed, an arranged call (as in for a certain time and date?) if it was not arranged, then they can’t expect you to answer, there are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t have been sat by your mobile waiting for them to call you at some point, so I can’t see that warranting a sanction. I never answer calls from unknown numbers or the door unless I’m expecting someone.

    you mention an email the same day with a new appt, is this the same day as the missed call? If so, it sounds as if they tried to call to make an appt and then emailed you when you didn’t answer. 
  • Lynette1066Lynette1066 Member Posts: 47 Connected
    edited April 2019
    The jobcentre cancelled the app. I was not informed. I even had two text reminders to attend. I went last Thursday and found out app cancelled. I kicked up a fuss. Made a complaint and asked to speak to the manager. Hey presto a letter stating I attended and this app was cancelled. 
    The new app was arranged last Thursday and work coach said sorry. The missed call yesterday Tuesday. Could it be for the complaint I made when in the jobcentre? Having a really bad mental health session at min. So nice to get support on here. 
  • overthinkingagainoverthinkingagain Member Posts: 24 Connected
    @Lynette1066 toi have clearly been put under stress by the job centres cancellations, it is so energy consuming to get yourself to an appt when unwell, and to find out it was cancelled is so frustrating and draining. The important thing here in all of this is that who ever it is calling you, you have done nothing wrong in not answering your phone and if it is important, leave it to them to contact you. Don’t give yourself anything else to manage, let them do some work to rectify the situation. 

    If you are really struggling to switch off from it, you could always call or reply to the email you got from them and advise you had a missed call from an unknown number which you are finding difficult to deal with and wondered if it was from the Job Centre? 

     I can understand how you feel as I suffer with mental health issues and I often have trouble switching off and letting go of things I can’t control, and find it hard to rationalise. It is worse when you are in challenging situations too and under extra stress. 

    Sometimes a good sleep can help, and you may wake up feeling less anxious about the situation and be a able to think more
    logically. Deep breathing and meditation helps me and walking to try and take my mind off things. I wish you all the best for the future. 
  • Lynette1066Lynette1066 Member Posts: 47 Connected
    Thanks. I do not mind a cancelled apt but as long as they inform me. Personally, try to have a good nights sleep and a nice relaxing bath tomorrow morning and a good walk. 
    Thanks as I now can see they have no grounds for a sanction. But people do get sanctioned when there are no grounds. But I have the proof they cancelled my apt, and I was not informed. Plus another apt was arranged via email later that day. 
  • overthinkingagainoverthinkingagain Member Posts: 24 Connected
    Yeah, there you go, you have done your end of things. Your energy is best directed now at guiding your thoughts towards healing and gaining Strength. Enjoy your evening and have a nice day relaxing tomorrow. 
  • Lynette1066Lynette1066 Member Posts: 47 Connected
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