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Hello every one.  So it is Friday night you want Take out for your family but pricey and expensive.

Pizza is not cheap.  So I make this the flavours of Pizza. In Italy made with Olives, Capers and ingredients you would find on a Pizza.

I use Salami, Pepperoni, Green Peppers.  Mushrooms, Olives now and again.

For a cheat use Jar Pasta Sauce.  Add in Chilli Flakes or Chill Powder or Cayenne about one quarter teaspoon or to your taste.

Top with Mozzarella Cheese grated.

Use Penne or Rigatoni.

You will need Sauté Pan for sauce .  Pan for Pasta. Handful of salt.  Jar Pasta Sauce.

Penne or Rigatoni a handful per person.  Boiling Kettle for Pasta. Knife, Chopping board.  Wooden spoons or spatulas, serving spoons. Pack of Salami cut into quarters or slices or Pepperoni.

Vegetables sliced up. Peppers Mushrooms.

Olive oil.


In a Sauté Pan add Oil add in Salami or Pepperoni, stir a few minutes.  Add Green Peppers, colour slightly.  Mushrooms toss in colour add jar tomato Pasta sauce might not use all jus to coat.

Cover with lid and leave simmer few minutes.

Pasta Pan boiling water hot kettle be carful I use tea towel double wrapped for strength.

When water comes to a boil in the Pasta Pan . On a medium Heat bring to a boil.  Should be bolente means rolling boil in Italian. Add handful of salt.

Add portion of Penne Pasta. Or Rigatoni. A handful person.

Check after ten minutes most Pasta instructions say ten to twelve minutes so I just under cook it a little. Because it is going into the sauce and will continue to cook still.

Drain to Sauté Pan mix in.  If sauce is too thick add a ladle of Pasta Water to sauce has starch in the water from the Pasta bring to a medium heat to drain away any excess water for a few minutes.

To a bowl to portion with Mozzarella cheese to add.

If you want to melt the cheese just microwave a few seconds if you bowl is not big enough.

Has been know been there.  Turn off the heat of the sauté pan and add the cheese. Cover with lid will melt.  Then serve.

Buon Appetito.


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