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Moving out if you are disabled

Hi everyone 

I am currently thinking and desperately wanting to move out for my own independence I have registered with my local council and they are currently in the process of banding after I was put in band D then I said about my medical conditions so they are currently reassessing me.

Anyway I have done my calculations on various websites and I'm concerned about how much I'd have to live on. Also not sure if I'm entitled to 2 bedrooms does this count if I need someone to stay most nights?

I am currently on ESA &PIP high rate both care and mobility I am wanting to move out on my own I've been to citizens advice they weren't much help....I'm also considering private renting but then got issues on the bedrooms as most places are £500 a month and I couldn't afford that if I wasn't entitled to 2 bedrooms I've also been told I would qualify for servre disability premium and I'm also registered blind and have cerebral palsy  just need some advice 



  • wilko
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    @Shauneyh95 Hello and welcome, as you. need two. Bedrooms and on benefits you may should qualify for help with your rent, and council tax. Some not all utility companies electricity providers do awarm front scheme where if you are claiming certain benefits you can register with them if they supply your electricity and get £140 off your winter bill. 
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hello @Shauneyh95!
    You can get special authorisation for a 2 bedroom entitlement to enable a carer to stay over. 
    As long as the carer isn't living with you as part of your household and is not on your claim (and not in receipt of carers allowance etc and not contributing to rent etc) you should be eligible for SDP. 

    As Wilko says, you should also get support for your council tax and many energy companies offer help with bills, so it's worth looking around. 

    If you go down the private rent route, be sure to get your permission for a 2 bed first and keep in mind the local housing allowance for your area. You can check yours here: Local Housing Allowance
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