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Hi, my name is shyboy!

shyboy Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi my proper name is devs that my puppy in training Shyler who I call shy boy I'm 50 and have lots of bad thing going on in my life just a bit about what happenings to me at mo I was loveing with my sister in shreed  flat and she met this guy who was a **** and he made her treat me and my dog like **** that did not work so she moved him in and next thing I know I'm out as they both abused me and my dog Shyler who now fine so now I'm homeless disabled and can't walk stuck in b&b unable to cook or use shower as it as big step last night I had a big fall now I can get over the step on door so a berry good friend has racking me in my dog to so now I bugged my hip for good I don't know what going to happen to me as I on disability benefits most rented sector won't take this and I have the add problem of no step and my dog who in training to be a   a.d has to come to not many lets dogs and I need thing adabtud to help me use thing in side so I don't fall and I'm all on me own with no help so not good place to be for me 



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