Is there any one who suffers arthritis

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Hi i have just joined. Is there any one who suffers arthritis and can’t sleep with the pain of your bones twisting mainly my fingers.


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    Hi @oldTed welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you're in a lot of pain, we do have many community members who suffer with chronic pain and I'm sure they will be in contact with you soon to offer advice and support. Let us know if you have any further questions :)
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    Welcome to the community @oldTed how are you doing today? I am sorry to hear you have been in pain and not sleeping. We have some members who have discussed their experiences with arthritis. If you have any questions, please let us know.
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    Hiya oldTed,
    I suffer with osteoarthritis, it’s not very nice.
    There are others on here who also suffer with arthritis and have given an inside into how they deal with it.
    My hands also hurt unbelievably, luckily the painkiller cream the dr gave me is still helping to a degree.
    I hate taking all the concoctions of medication I need to take and try to limit, if possible, the ones I can.
    I do find a hot water bottle helps me and I move it  to various parts of my body hahaha. 
    I do hope you have the medical help that’s out there.
    There are some great people on this forum, it’s helped me greatly.
    Good luck and take care of yourself ???

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    me also, i have spondyloarthropathy, spondylarthritis, canal stenosis with posterior disc bulges at L2/3 and L3/4, sagittal and axial T1 and T2, degeneration of lumber spine,, sorry copy paste as can't spell it either, arthritis in my hips, shoulders and wrists but only 3 fingers so far in the left hand, 

    chronic back pain, Sciatica, IBS, Bulging disks, prolapsed discs and squashed nerves, Panic attacks, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, nervous bladder, frozen shoulder and trapped nerves to name the lot, so yes know how you feel, sleeping, standing, or walking makes it worse, long term 20 plus years on tablets have given me more side effects and issues i've never had post medical findings etc, try and eat healthy, stay as fit as you can, get your blood and cholesterol levels sorted and try and keep your weight down do lower your BMI, it all helps.

    i'd like to say eat more fruit and veg, but noy many who have IBS can unless they balance it out with other foods to alter what the fruit and veg does, same as exercise, yes it makes you less stiff on the day you do it, but twice as stiff the day after for some, so again do it only if you can, when you can, for as long as you can, tried most things, used to swim 1000.000 mtr a week in my youth, would be lucky now to do the pool length most days, but as for advice to offer you, best advice is to see a specialist who deals with the problem day to day, then can provide more personal help and advice than what i can, no matter how much waffle i type on here, so good luck and hope you get the help you need, sooner rather than later

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    I have osteoarthritis my knees were the worst and sometimes my hand,2 years ago i started to take turmeric every day,also pernaton cream to rub in when it flares up,both from holland and barrat. I am a lot better now than 2 years ago it took a couple of months to start working but i will take it forever now   on holiday i forgot to take them with me and my knees played up again,It worked for me so worth a try.
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    Hi @oldTed and a very warm welcome to the community! How are you doing today?