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Old woman woken up just I start resting hear he banging under me she one lazy woman all day and nite sleep but only wake up to harrass me.mayb one day I get peace. She knows exactly were am sleeping to. Wish someone from council get her removed. I had no choice that year she moved in had to get my parcel. She got talking biggest mistake I didn't know nothing about her. I know she was a noisy because her thumping and loud radio and voice n her scratches the walls like rats running up n down. [removed by moderator] I get proper peace n quite I don't get it. OK for her to sleep but she won't let me. Am still tired. I wrote email to that health watch place I think same one I already email to not sure. Thanks again.am seriously missing my bf seems to stop the private calls then start again but I don't know how place do there investigation 



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