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Support with Dental implants costs

jaycybabesjaycybabes Member Posts: 6 Listener
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I was born spina bifida and have been on a mixture of medications all my life. From being on all different types of tablets i lost most of my teeth and am now not able to enjoy the foods i used to. I've got an upper denture but i only have 4 teeth on my bottom jaw and my dentist has told me i can't have lower denture's due the teeth being that damaged it would be impossible to connect the wire attached to the dentures as my teeth aren't strong enough. He said i need a couple of implants that'll take the wire attachment to hold the dentures in. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if i can get financial help from the nhs or a charity towards them as they're very expensive or if anyone knows of the cheapest dental implants in Greater Manchester. 


  • atlas46atlas46 Member Posts: 827 Pioneering
    Hi @jaycybabes

    I would speak to your GP and seek a referral to the NHS community dental service.

    It sounds from your clinical needs, that the NHS should provide this service.

    Keep us informed.
  • cazza62cazza62 Member Posts: 60 Courageous
    Hi sorry for jumping on your thread but I too have both upper and lower dentures which is getting worse by day to eat prorely if you get advice from your gp I would be interested to know how you get on 
  • jaycybabesjaycybabes Member Posts: 6 Listener
    It was my nhs dentist that told me i needed implants but you don't get any funding towards implants nhs unless you've lost your teeth due to cancer, chemo or had severe facial damage. I asked my gp if this correct and said unfortunately it is . Just one single tooth implant cost between £1500 & £2000. Looks like the only chance of getting them is by winning the lottery . Life sucks at times
  • atlas46atlas46 Member Posts: 827 Pioneering
    Hi @jaycybabes

    Here we go, try this one.

    As you live in the Greater Manchester, contact Manchester Dental Hospital, they have a Dental school, within it.

    They offer dental treatment, provided by final year students and this under the supervision of one of the Professors.

    I note what your nhs dentist says about who can have implants, there are no strict clinical guidelines, it’s based on the clinical well being of the patient.

    Let us known how you get on with the Dental school, worth a try.
  • atlas46atlas46 Member Posts: 827 Pioneering

    Try Dental Implant Co-ordinator based at Manchester Dental hospital tel:0161 393 7738.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,923

    Scope community team

    Good morning @jaycybabes. I hope you find a solution and let us know how you get on.
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