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PIP tribunal Adjourned

mysticmasmysticmas Member Posts: 9 Listener
Hi , Im my sons appointee, and I went to the Tribunal hearing on Thursday 7th June, The appeal was adjourned as my son didnt attend ( because I telphoned prior and was told because im his appointee he didnt need to)  at the tribunal they said they could not go ahead without seeing and speaking to my son? And that they are going to write to his college for an updated report, even though Insubmitted all his learning support reports from 2016-2019, which contradict what the face to face assessor reported “he has no support in college”
, they also said I can submit any further  eveidence, I was thinking other family members like my eldest son and his nan,
I need help how would they start the submission and what do they need to focus on ?
Im also worried as I have stated although my son goes to college that they will say if he goes college he can do this n that, he has alot of support in college at at home, and that he didnt just turn up at collge there was alot of support in place prior to going a slow introduction,  and has been their since 2016 so this is a familar place to him now, however he needs to be taken to and from college, he cannot plan a route or journey of an unfamilar place, I have given them lots of examples , in the face to face assesment the assessor said my son has no problems with monetory or budgeting and makes online purchases( which is lies) how can I prove this? He needs help with complex reading, writing, filling forms in, communicating, he has learning disability  SPLD, dyslexia, global delay, short term memory, needs prompting to put the appropiate clothing on, doesnt engage well with others.... so trying to prove this aswell im finding hard as he goes to college and engages with other people, his tutors, a few class students, he has no socail life not like a typical teenager so he has no friends, he has problems retaininng  complex information and it needs to be put in a simple way or repeated several times or shown and still might not understand, Im just finding all this very stressful, I feel sorry for all the other individuals who are having to battle through this , any advise please? 


  • cristobalcristobal Member Posts: 966 Disability Gamechanger
    edited June 2019
    @mysticmasI would start by having a good look at the PIP descriptors and what they involve, so that you know exactly what you need to evidence. Read them carefully and you should have a good idea where you son should score points - don't worry about those where you aren't likely to score anything.

    For example, one of the descriptors is ‘engaging with other people face to face’ and you say that your son does engage with his teacher, classmates and other people, but doesn’t have any friends so I don’t think you would score any points for that.

    Is your son in mainstream education?

  • mysticmasmysticmas Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Thanks, my son was in mainstream school, he had support and attended a SPLd centre twice a week, he is now attending college, he did start a level 1 mechanics course but was very challenging even though he had support, so went on to a painting and decorating course
  • cristobalcristobal Member Posts: 966 Disability Gamechanger
    @mysticmas - I wonder if the fact that he's in mainstream education might make it difficult to evidence some of the criteria - for example Simple budgeting isn't much more than knowing what change to expect when you make a purchase...

    Only you know your son so it's best that you judge

    Good luck!

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