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Out of jail was on PIP(still am) and ESA please help with UC

jedimafia Member Posts: 13 Listener
Hoping somone can help me.  I've sadly been in jail for 16month so somewhat lost in the benefit reclaiming.  My PIP is back on with a high care award.  ESA website claims i could still claim but have been forced onto UC.  They say I have to attend a initial claim commitment meeting.  Can this not be avoided via a sicknote and the fact I still have PIP.  I should still have an ESA work assessment award if they could use this if anyone knows.  I also have to go in with ID (birth certificate/bank card) think ill take my only monthly dose of temazepam for that, is it stricltly by appointment cause that is what their telling me.  Where do i stand

Any guidance will be real appreciated.  Thanks


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,595 Scope online community team
    Hello @jedimafia and welcome to the community.

    Can I ask, do you currently live with anyone and does anyone claim Carers Allowance for you? Just checking as this would affect your next steps. 
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  • jedimafia
    jedimafia Member Posts: 13 Listener
    As per carers allowance i have high rate care pip so presumably im entitled do it?  Previously I was awaraded the severe disability element instead of having an allotted carer.  Can this still be done?  I'm currently between 2 addresses so have a c/o address
  • jedimafia
    jedimafia Member Posts: 13 Listener
    Getting my head round it now thanks.  I have a cpn type worker but he only does so much,  I heard on the news that new claimants to UC can have their previous work capability assessments looked up and used instead of a new one.  Can i do this?  My last one was signed off for 4 years like 20 months ago now at the highest rate but the ESA claim was ob visually closed due to incarceration. Dont see how it should affect the continunitity of the previously valid assessment  It affected me a lot having to go through with it, so best to avoid it.  Or am i just heavily dreaming here.  They told me on the phone i'd need a new assessment without checking, i know how often they blag everyone off uc :(

    Still confused with the carer element?  Am I eligible to have my in affect carer paid now and is this completely separate to UC.  She doesnt live with me but is planning to be housed with me and claims the lowest rate of ESA so presumably perfectly eledgible.  She's more like my mum
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 29,700 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm afraid you will need to send in sick/fit notes for your UC claim because your ESA claim was closed the award you had with that no longer exists and another work capability assessment is needed.

    Carers allowance, someone can claim that for their self for looking after you, providing they look after you for at least 35 hours per week. Does your carer claim Income Related ESA or Contributions based? If it's Income related then yes she can claim the carers allowance. Link here. https://www.gov.uk/carers-allowance


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