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Uncertain Future ahead thanks to our very own government

A close friend of mine is dreading a medical he's got very soon as he's already been on this merry-go-round before, and knows the outcome only to well, he suffers from epilepsy and has since birth, but he can go weeks without any episodes but then can have one even two every few days, and as he doesn't even claim what he's fully entitled to, hasn't for years, he didn't reapply when his DLA ran out because as he says it was like getting rewarded for being sick, it was an extra £300+ per month but he'd prefer to struggle on the basic income support which has the advantage of being a grim miserable lifestyle (and a kick up the behind to want more, want better outta life) with DLA payments your kinda better off then some working folk, and becoming dependent on that way of lifestyle is inevitable, I applaud his conviction & respect his stance but he'll fail his medical, resulting in the end of income support, obviously he'll appeal against it and win but during that time (about 9 months it was last time) he'll have to sign on and look for work known & understanding no one will employ someone who can & probably will collapse at any moment, the last time this happened he received a shocking £39 per week (due to deductions of similar amount) but talk about being depressed & suicidal, this lad who doesn't even have a criminal record actually wanted to go to jail as this option was better one then his current situation, as he said at least he'd get food and have heating & electric etc in jail, or suicide was another consideration too, I'm dreading this scenario happening again but it's already set in motion, there's no stopping it now,


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    Wish we could help
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    so sorry to hear the story, but it's just another case of being a round peg in a square hole where symptoms don't fit the system, and where many fall through the every growing cracks, most people i know with the same as me get DLA, play golf all week and enjoy there cars and yes also agree can have more of a life than some who work, i was only on ESA in the support group but failed that after 20 years after a poor WCA and are in MR atm then onto Tribunal when it's says no, what used to be a caring system has change how it works and now as long as your fit for a % of the week, month or year etc, your fine, never mind what your like for the rest of the time it seems, wish you both all the best and tbh contact your GP, see if they can do more then CAB and ask for advice, as both are there to help and support those in need, good luck
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    Hello @leecoste. I'm very sorry to read about your friend's situation, is this medical a WCA for UC/ESA? While I understand his stance, if he thinks he meets the criteria for PIP it may be worth him applying for this, rather than continuing to struggle. It sounds as though his mental health isn't in a good place currently, is he getting much support? 
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