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Losing enhanced mobility

CockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,212 Disability Gamechanger
If you lose your enhanced mobility award but continue to receive the standard rate, you may be offered the use of your mobility car for a period if you are appealing the decision. During that period no payment is made for your car. You should keep the standard award money separate until you either you win back your enhanced award and eligibility for the car or lose and accept the standard rate.

If you opt to keep the car and you are awarded the full rate, then the full enhanced rate will be payable for the whole period, which includes the back dated payment and the standard rate money that you have received.  You will need to repay this as a lump sum to cover the cost and keep the car.
There has been a few cases where the successful claimants have not been aware of this and are unprepared to pay the lump sum

You might opt to return the car at the earliest opportunity and consider the purchase of your own vehicle and the associated running costs

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