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Pip coming to my home

Bluey32 Member Posts: 34 Connected
I don't have a clue what the pip  assessor will ask me when they visit me on Friday. Worried sick in case they refuse me pip. I can't walk far or bend over to put my clothes on / shoes. Any advice would be grateful 

Thank you in advanced xx 


  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    edited July 2019
    I await my forms for my my  application for PIP ....i,m deaf ( amongst a list of other problems)   and my carer phoned in to tell the DWP that I did want to claim PIP ( I await the forms coming in )...but..I learned that my last application had been passed 6 years ago and I have been on PIP since that time ....i knew nothing about it , i have no correspondence at all to tell me i had PIP ....and this application was for PIP2.( whatever that is) ...I have 6 months before my 65 th birthday .
    If I  was you Bluey,   I would have someone with you ( preferably your carer if possible), before the assessors come, write down all your problems and medication , and the effects of any medication you are taking ( plus side effects) ...good luck Bluey ?
    Please tell us how you get on ...many of us are in the same boat as yourself. It's a worry right enough . 
  • Bluey32
    Bluey32 Member Posts: 34 Connected
    Thank you seanchai
     I have a rare condition. Abdomino pherenic dyssynergia x
  • Connie00
    Connie00 Member Posts: 252 Pioneering

     Hi @Bluey32

    Hello My Name is Connie00

    I am one off the community Champion’s here at Scope.  it’s really nice to meet you.

    A very warm welcome to the Community.

    Thank you for reaching out to us.  I trust you are having a good day today

    Its always nice to have new members joining our community.

    I have had an assessment done at my home. The best advise I can give is be yourself

    Give them your worse day scenario. Yes, they will ask you to bend and stretch and put your hands

    Behind your back, only go as far as you can, up to point it hurts you. No more, tell them that’s as far as you can go, they should be ok. Try to have another person there with you, this also helps.

    Please let us know how you get on

    If we can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to contact us


    Have a good day




    @connie00   :) 






  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,607 Disability Gamechanger

    PIP isn't about a diagnosis, it's how those conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activity based on the PIP descriptors.

    During the assessment you'll be asked questions about how your conditions affect you against the PIP descriptors. You'll also need to verify the answers you put on the PIP2 form you returned.

    You'll be watched from the minute they arrive to the minute you leave.

    When answering the questions you should be honest and tell them how your conditions affect you. Please don't base your answers on your worst day because PIP isn't about your worst day. It's how your conditions affect you at least 50% of the time over a 12 month period. If you answer the questions based on your worst day and the assessment day happens to be one of your better days then the assessor will very likely see through this and think "if that's your worst day then you can't be as bad as you say you are"

    You should have already sent evidence to support your claim because they very rarely contact anyone for this, the onus is on you to make sure it's sent to support your claim.

    About a week after the assessment you can ring DWP to request a copy of the assessment report to be sent to you, this will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be because they mostly go with the report.

    Good luck.
  • Bluey32
    Bluey32 Member Posts: 34 Connected
    Thank you for all or your advice. I have sent in a few letters from my specialist. They didn't even ask me to attend  for an interview they just sent me a letter saying they are Cong to my home to which I am grateful for. As you can see.from my profile pic I have a huge belly & not pregnant as many people think I am. I cannot Bend down & I need help in & out the bath put my shoes on &  my lower clothes. I'm on pain most days & my worst days I can't get out of bed so I won't be using that lol but I'm still smiling ?
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

    Scope community team

    Good luck tomorrow @Bluey32! Please let us know how you get on. :)
    Community Manager

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  • Bluey32
    Bluey32 Member Posts: 34 Connected
    Not long had my pip assessor at my home.she was very polite & intrigued at my condition as everybody is. She was sympathetic & tried to understand my worries on my health issues.she did ask me 2 bend over as far as I Cud but I told her I can't she apologyised as she knew I cudnt bend down at all. Have to wait 6 weeks on the discussion. X
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,607 Disability Gamechanger
    Leave it a week and then ring DWP for a copy of the assessment report to be sent to you. This will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be because they mostly go with the report.

    The 6 weeks you were told today doesn't really mean anything. They tell everyone this length of time but there's really no timescales, it depends on backlog in your area.


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