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Double whammy

Hi all, 
Hope you are all OK this morning, this is the first time I have written on here. 
I am looking for some advice. One of my numerous disabilities is I'm unable to put much weight on my left leg due to a metal kneecap and various other pieces of metal up and down the rest of my leg. I am 49, 6'4" tall and weigh 25 stone. Unfortunately I've developed type 2 diabetes as a result of my inactivity following the accident in 2012 that resulted in my injuries. I'm also being treated for General Anxiety Disorder, a side-effect of which is continually perspiring and I'm too embarrassed to leave my flat, even though my ocd rarely countenances such a thought.
So I've been told if I don't start exercising my diabetes will worsen etc and all that would entail. My GP has suggested a cross - trainer. I have no spare money, like most of us I'm living hand to mouth, so can anyone out there point me in the direction of an organisation that I can apply for a loan or grant to facilitate the purchase of one or better still if anyone knows of any one who's got one they're not using anymore.
Anyway, thanks for reading, hope your all as good as you can be and I look forward to talking to you all as time goes by.


  • pcoventry
    pcoventry Member Posts: 149 Pioneering
    edited July 2019
    Hello Chris, welcome mate :)

    Firstly you don't need a silly cross trainer - all you need is a change in your diet and to drop the medication (metformin makes you put on weight, fact) so please read on.

    I was also diagnosed with type 2 in 2012 and also being unable to exercise much due to weakness in my left side (after a TIA) I have battled with Metformin and Statins for years - but then I tried the Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Moseley - It's not a scam it's simply a book with recipes and the aim is to limit carbs and increase protein and drink water - I lost over a stone and a half and didn't leave the house. (3 stone in total over 6 months) I stopped all my meds and when I saw my GP he was stunned that my levels were under the pre diabetic 7.3 (they were actually around the 3.1 mark) and when I said I had dropped all my meds he said I should be a poster boy for the NHS and he wished I could educate others. 

    So this is something I am looking to do - The diet is basically a lifestyle change as it's a Mediterranean diet (and weight will go back on if you revert to your old ways) - but it works, the food in the book is tasty and all the book cost me was £6.95 - I also found my shopping bill actually dropped a bit due to the stuff I was buying.  You will get a headache for a few days if you do this but that's what we call Carb flu and it is where they are all being flushed away.

    My at the time missus also did it and she lost the same amount of weight - she dropped 2 dress sizes - we did the initial 8 weeks for these results. Literally within a week I had lost 7 1/2 ibs and 1/5 stone at the end. 

    Have a look - I am only a user of this diet nothing more- but it's worked for me and many others who post on their website. Even though the weight is off I still have problems, but it does stop the usual " you should lose some weight" snips as now they have nothing to say about it!


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