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Mortgage lenders

monkey88 Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hi Community

I am new to this community and looking for some advice. I'm trying to look for a mortgage lender as I want to buy my first home having saved up for a deposit. I am finding it impossible to find any mortgage advisor to help, as soon as I mention I am disabled and my income is purely benefits they all back away. I've tried the government scheme HOLD but can't qualify as my partner works because of the employed income, all occupiers of the property purchased on this scheme have to be on benefits,  even if they do not include them in the mortgage application. So they are basically encouraging us to claim benefits and not work to be eligible, which makes no sense at all. Has anyone been able to get a mortgage in a similar situation? I'm trying to get a mortgage solely for myself as my credit score is good as my partner although works does not have a good credit report. 
Any advice is much appreciated. 




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