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Meeting criteria for disabled relief

A member of our community has got in touch asked us to post the following to find out if anyone has had a similar experience.

I had a call from a representative from the council tax dept yesterday, wanting to ask some questions about if I still met the criteria for disabled relief..which is something I've had around 20 years since they converted the bathroom into a wetroom for me.

It seems that apart from that I now also have to have a house that has a room set aside for my disability, a second bathroom Or a separate bedroom, or kitchen  or use a wheelchair in the house..thankfully something not required at the moment.

As I live in a 3 bed 1bathroom and kitchen house, our family home and wouldn't have the money to do these took 3 yrs to get the grant for the bathroom. I was somewhat taken aback. Also the fact they just cold called me was really not that satisfactory.

Today I rang to see if it was a genuine call..and it was..and apart from being told how much my new payment would be from August..was told I could contest it by text if I wanted to.  I was told it was the property not the person that was assessed..but surely using a wheelchair in the home is not property related as such.

I am just wondering if any other councils are now changing their criteria..

I have to say this has come as a bit of a blow. And am quite upset by it. How many other people have been put into the same position.  

Community Manager

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