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Another new piece

sam12 Posts: 1,338 Pioneering
Today I am sad
Thinkin alot about pus
Don't know what to do
Am totally lost without  him
Kant live without him
Crazy in love with him
Want to share my life with him 
No me no pus what do I do
Feel like am in space alone and afraid. 
Am walkin on shells
Don't know what to do 
Hope he OK and well 
Still kant speak what am I goin to do 
Cryin without him nothing much I can do
Help me pus 
It's dark grey day alone and scared kant stop thinking about u. 
Trapped in a world no escape 
Only place I want to escape is with u 
Don't make me cry
Just cuddle me tight 
Pick me up and make me smile 
No other pus like u
So come on get down on ur knees 
Because I waitin 
For ur words to say to me
Sam will u marry me
Cause am ur kitten 
And ur my pus 
So don't keep me waitin 
Cause I want get down to the end to be with u



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