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If I do the reception course for 2 weeks will I need to work?

dorothyanndorothyann Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi everyone , New member just joined.  
I have just made a new claim for UC last week.  It's all a lot to take in!!!  I went for 1st appointment with a robot , they never looked up just typed away and told me I have tpo get a note from the doctor for my neck pain , caused by arthritis .  I went for 2nd  appointment yesterday and it was better . I told them I can't do some jobs due to neck pain and I am going to the doctors after there.  The y told me there was a course I could do and I felt I had to do it or they may sanction me .  I went to the doctor who signed me off as unfit for work . I told the advisor this and asked if I still do the course, they said I can still do the course even if I'm not fit for work but it was entirely my decision . 
I am now concerned and even worried as I have been told I will need a medical from the DWP .  What if the job centre tell the medical doctor at DWP I did the course and they say I'm fit for work ?  I have struggled with a job for over a Year with a lot of pain , I now can't do a lot of housework because I can't bend or do too much hoovering and cleaning because it gives me pain.  I want to work but agree with my doctor I m not fit. I can't sit long at the computer so 10 min at a time .  This affects a job with administration as I really can't sit a long time with my neck.  I can't lift so shop work putting stock away is no good.  

Can anyone tell me if I do the reception course for 2 weeks are they likely to say I can do any work ?  I asked if it was sat at a computer , they said it was mostly written work. I will still have to take breaks as I can't sit with my head down for long periods , I have to keep my neck moving by doing exercises .  

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