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Hello every one.  Thought share some recipes for the Summer . Quick and Easy spend not much time in the kitchen.

When we have this hot weather.

Not a lot to do and just easy to put together. Not complicated.


Using any of the vegetables Aubergines, Peppers or Zucchini.

With add in Potatoes and add in Chickpeas or Cannellini Beans.  Tinned beans easy to use and their for convenience. 

Leave on the hob no need for a oven. Chicken using drumsticks or boneless thighs .

You will need the following.

One stock pot serves from 2 to 4 or expand on numbers then every one can help themselves.  

Onions diced up .  Any listed vegetables as above .  Use one or two.
Potatoes diced up. Jar of Passata. half a jar. 
Herbs Italian mixed seasonings.one teaspoon 
Garlic Powder. one teaspoon.
Salt Pepper to taste.

Use here Tinned Potatoes if no need to dice just add to the pot . You need baby ones half a bag I used .

Italian seasonings herb mix. All dried herbs like Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Sage,  add in Fennel Seeds if you have them.

If no dried Italian seasonings use Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, mix or any dried or fresh this adaptable.  

No salt or pepper use dash of Worcestershire sauce has them in it.


In a freezer bag put Chicken and season with herbs you are using plus Olive oil Garlic Powder plus salt or pepper or Worcestershire.  Seal shake and then to Stock pot.

Seal meat get it browned and add Potatoes.  Let them colour a few minutes on a medium heat.  Need a little longer cooking first then Onions.

Add Vegetables and Passata tinned pulses of your choice cover on a simmer till Chicken is cooked through.

Around thirty minutes.  Check with a knife. If cooked.  Should be clear juices or using Chicken Drumsticks pull away from the bone.

I spice this up add chillies or Paprika. Other spices Ground Coriander or Cinnamon.  Add more herbs if you wish to too thick add some water.

Adapt this for other vegetables Carrots or greens such as Kale or Spinach.

This you could use Turkey thigh diced up or Meatballs ready made or Pork.  Diced up Tender loin or shoulder. Versatile.

I have not added any stock you can if you wish to.  

Trying to make the recipe easy to remember .

More ingredients more time in the kitchen.

Bueno Appettito 



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