Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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I think I should reapply for esa/pip, need guidance please.

I am a 31yr old mother of 3 who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a year ago (Jul 18). I received this diagnosis from my rheumatologist after I had lost my previous entitlement to esa in April, prior to that I was receiving pip from 2014-17 for the truly awful mental and physical difficulties that I was experiencing at the time.

So suddenly it all makes sense, but I decided that I couldn't put myself through the process of reapplying, the actual trauma it caused being assessed/losing entitlement twice before has genuinely made me try to almost fight my own disability, deny it even. It doesn't really help matters that I also have borderline personality disorder, which was diagnosed in 2014.

I don't know how to go about pulling all of this together into a coherent application for money I know I'm entitled to. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? 


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    you wont be able to claim Income Related ESA now because all areas are now a full Universal credit area and it will be this you’ll need to claim. You will need a fit/sick note from your GP to be able to claim limited capability for work. Claiming this will also depend on household income/savings and capital.

    If however you’ve worked and paid enough NI contributions in the previous 2 tax years then you maybe able to claim new style ESA. However, if you were previously found fit for work then you won’t be able to claim for the same conditions you previously claimed for. You can claim for a worsening condition or for a completely new condition.

    You say you lost your previous entitlement to ESA in April, was that this year or last year? Were you found fit for work and did you appeal that decision?

    For the PIP yes you’ll be able to start a new claim for this but you’ll need evidence to support your claim. This evidence should state how your conditions affect you.

    What happened to your previous PIP award? 

    Are you claiming any benefits at the moment?

    Id advise a visit to local advice agency near you for a full benefits check.
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    Good morning, thank you for your reply. 

    I failed both my pip (Dec 2017) and esa (April 2018) medicals and to be honest I was in such a mess at the time, I couldn't comprehend appealing. I kept being asked over and over on the phone "yes but can you take nutrition?" (for pip) and I just broke down because it isn't a simple answer when you're unwell, the fear set in. I asked for a copy of my report that never came, so I just gave up due to how much I was struggling with it. For esa  I did ask for a mandatory reconsideration when I lost it, but again I felt like I couldn't cope with the process. Without discussing my mental health, it just wasn't an option to proceed at the time with an appeal. 

    The only benefit that I receive is child related, no housing etc.

    Sorry if my reply has been a little disjointed. In a nutshell I was essentially found fit to work on both occasions, but also didn't possess certain evidence (diagnosis) at the time to send in to appeal the process as it took a long time to see a rheumatologist. I now have that evidence and am applying to have a copy of my mental health diagnosis (first one lost in the mists of time). 
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    I would call the council and any local advice centre in your area to ask about what you are entitled to.
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    The only benefit that's possible to claim now is Universal credit. If you claim this then any tax credits you receive will stop and future payments will be made in with your UC payment. UC includes the housing element if you need to claim for help with your rent. If you have a limited capability for work as advised, then you'll need sick notes from your GP. To claim the LCW under UC it's similar to the ESA process and you'll eventually need a face to face assessment. Evidence will be needed to support your claim too.

    There's a 5 week wait for your first payment but you can apply for an advance payment which will need to be re-paid from future payments.

    PIP is complete;y separate from UC and you can re-apply for this again in the same way you applied the first time.
    Proud winner of the 2019 empowering others award. This award was given for supporting disabled people and their families for the benefit advice I have given to members here on the community.
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    Definitely go to the C.A.B

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