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Peterborough Cerebral Palsy

dhirajprasadg Member Posts: 4 Listener
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Need help to admit my 3 years 2 months son [removed by moderator] diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in special school in Peterborough . I stay in [removed by moderator].
My Number : [removed by moderator]


  • Adrian_Scope
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    Scope community team

    Hi @dhirajprasadg and thanks for posting. I've removed some personal information from your thread here.

    What sort of help are you looking to get?
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  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @dhirajprasadg and welcome to the community! Is there anything we can help with?

  • April2018mom
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    Do you have any other questions? 
  • dhirajprasadg
    dhirajprasadg Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I need help in getting admission in Peterborough school. 
    1)what is process to get admission in school for cp  child
    2) name of school which offers therapy class
    3)  peterbrough council contact number where I can contact for help related to cp

  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @dhirajprasadg

    What support do you currently have? Do you have a support worker who can help you?

    There is a lot of information on the Peterborough council website, including this:

    The Early Years SEN Specialist and Portage Service provides: 

    • Portage home visiting
    • Training for parents, settings and other services supporting children with complex needs in their Early Years.
    • SEN specialist work to support those children 0-5 years, with complex needs that are not attending a pre-school settings.  Also, support around transition into pre-school settings for children with complex needs and their families.

    The Early Years SEN Specialist and Portage Service Home Visitors are employed by Peterborough City Council to support children and families within their local community.

    Who to contact

    Sarah Bernard
    Portage Co-ordinator
    Telephone 01733 864720 E-mail [email protected] Website 

    You can find a list of Special Schools in Peterborough here.

    You can find out more about Peterborough schools by:

    Senior online community officer
  • April2018mom
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    What do you need help with? There are several ways to find out more about schools. A few months back, I was reading a article on how to pick a school. It was certainly really useful. 
    1-Read OFSTED reports carefully. Pay attention to any strengths and weaknesses listed in the report. But don’t forget to trust your instinct either. 
    2-School visits. This is another way of learning more about the school. Take a list of questions with you and make sure you see all areas of the school as well. Go on a normal day. See the classrooms.
    Are the toilets clean or dirty? 
    3-Local businesses. Often shopkeepers will have information on what happens when pupils from the local schools pop in. Interview them. 
    4-Other moms and dads. They may also have information to share. Quickly ask their opinion of schools. Make notes. Find out about what their child thinks of the school. 
    5-League tables. If you love numbers, take a look. But try to remember the numbers do not tell you much about the school. Never choose a school based on exam results or numbers alone. Will my child excel here? Be sure to inquire about school policies.

    Apply to your council. Good luck. I know how you feel. One piece of advice trust your gut feeling and request a tour of the whole school. Look at the website as well. There will be important information on there to read. Ring up to schedule a date for a appointment to meet the staff and pupils and tour the school properly. Is this a mainstream or SN school? How old is your child now? You might find this website helpful
    When I was looking at schools, I used this site to narrow down my options. 


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