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New poem

sam12 Posts: 1,338 Connected
I feel like a packet of crisps
Mix me up 
Because I am nice n spicy 
I don't like to jump thru a hula hoop
Because am skip 
I like a variety mix
But nothing salty 
Am Definitely a walker 
But no couch potato 
I like to be a quaver Curled up
Certainly no chicken 
Certainly no square 
I like to be a monster because I get in a pickle 
Definitely no crinkely or ridgit 
Because I like be to straight and clean
I don't like to be cut down 
Because am no bacon 
I certainly like to be sweet like curry hot and flamed and I huff and puff 
Because am feeling very cheesy over my pom pom bear 
Am definitely not a Chinese spare rib




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