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Describing knee pain and instability

boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
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I'm having difficulty getting this down into a short paragraph(of how this condition and symptoms affect me on a daily basis) with varying severity typically more painful after a "give or a painful catching" and after prolonged use my knees become inflamed and very achey(if that's a word lol)with frequent dull stabbing like pains to the front sides and the back of the knee depending on position of the knee during normal use "walking, weight bearing, pivoting" this is more painful or when using steps. 
 the knee catching,cracking I become very fatigued stumbling around unbalanced when the weight is on one leg and shows signs of giving forcing me to move slowly and stop when my threshold is surpassed with pain.
I have tricompartmental osteoarthritis and bilateral meniscal tears laid upon top of the "significant" (orthopedic consultants words ) the degeneration of the medial meniscus.

I list this because this is what I believe should skip all the Gorey details regarding getting financial support, distance over time etc etc blah blah 
As you've probably guessed it is for a financial support application.
And yes it will be for probably a few years till I see if I can overcome my condition as I have done in the past with another part of my body.


  • boriswho
    boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
    I'm think of starting with my symptoms show no paradigm, so trying to observe via assessment should not be required due to the stochastic nature of my condition take what I'm telling you as gospel watch & me video me if you think otherwise and do me for fraudulently claiming a benefit.....for osteoarthritis 

  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,620 Disability Gamechanger

    Financial support application? Do you mean your claim for PIP? if so then you've had lots of advice given to you on your other thread here.

    I'm unsure what other advice you would like?

  • boriswho
    boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
    Shambles you would have been better off wasting your time writing a short paragraph about pain, and instability in a, or the knees. That's assuming you had or have something similar. 
    That would have helped me more than redirecting me to my own post.
    I couldn't type anything yesterday because of flare up with hands, I have had sore hands off typing huge amounts of information on a phone some contradictive information I know that's why I'm asking others to help me fill the form because I've trawlered through my information I've given so many times and came up with different answers on different occasions.

    Mostly the reason for the contradictions are because I suffer in varying ways at different times with the different parts of my msk system flaring at different times from hands to shoulders neck to back and knees to feet. Some of these flares sets of another part of my body. And if I don't do physio on these parts of my body things become worse.
    My joints become inflamed and painful stiff severe pain limiting use of that joint. With poor ROM (just learnt that one from a hospital report I have from January this year) but as the pain subsides limited rom returns somewhat...although not completely. I have to keep moving position constantly through the day because of discomfort felt moving around doing daily living tasks. 
    I also have to take medication which does nothing for more severe episodes of flare ups painful episodes of limited rom
    And has lots of side effects on they're own forcing me to reduce to nothing so I can feel normal for a few days .
    I could go on and say we'll during loss of rom I cannot apply topical cremes but

    I'm focusing on the just the knee problems because that covers alot of bases I think.

    Ask me a question about any of the contradictions and I'll try to explain and put the record straight.
    As someone seemed to suggest on my other post that I was a fraudulent claimant 

    So would somebody please show me some examples for my form...
    Q2 a b 
    Q 3c 
    Q5 c
    Q6 c 
    Q7 c
    Q 8 c
    Q 11 c
    Q14 d
    I'd rather stay active and push my self than have to rely upon my partner..
    I want to do more to aid these issues but am extremely limited by lack of motivation, distress at my plight, energy, effects of meds, effects of OA or injuries I've sustained that have affected OA.

    If I just return to work (construction) with all of these issues it will help to some degree and will definitely exacerbate knee instability that's why I stopped working but am I not a liability due to the gives I experience with the knees and am at risk of injuring my self and others.

    my grammar lacks direction. But I'm getting better....

  • boriswho
    boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
    So if I was to say Boris experiences poor dexterity with the hands with repetitive use, causing stiffness and pain.
    But this more severe instance generally lasts a day and is only merely an ache & stiff afterwards for several days until symptoms subside. Until the next repetitive use flare up.
    My example is that if a poor one holding a phone.
    Looking at the phone causes neck pain.
    How would this go against and assessor stating on a day that is good one 
    Normal pinch grip
    normal power 
    Reached and got a phone or papers out of his pocket.....
    Showing good dexterity 
    This is zero points?? For pip and esa.
  • boriswho
    boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
    tricompartmental knee osteoarthritis & osteochondral defects (ocd) ankle pain combined pretty awesome effects
  • boriswho
    boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
    Add in lower back, neck and hand pain leaves me bewildered 
  • boriswho
    boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
    Describing toilet needs:
    Would any of the issues I have come under this heading.
    ie. mobilising issues, limited rom and pain
  • boriswho
    boriswho Member Posts: 177 Connected
    Moving around.getting up from and sitting down on

    Just don't want to waste any more time on this. Than needed. If I can skip great....
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,620 Disability Gamechanger
    edited August 2019
    As advised previously, it considers your ability to get on and off the toilet. evacuation of the bowel and bladder and your ability to clean yourself afterwards.

    It doesn't take into consideration your ability to mobilise to the toilet or climb stairs.


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