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I'm Just Me - Poem about Aspergers and Autism

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An 11-year-old boy from Chesterfield has won a national competition with a poem about Aspergers.

Kenzi Jupp’s wrote ‘I’m Just Me’ for National Autism Awareness Day and has won first prize in the Young Poet Network’s annual contest and was published in the Young Minds collection.  

You can buy Young Minds via Etsy. The book is priced at £3.99 and proceeds go to charity.

child wearing a blue top writing at a desk surrounded by pens and pencils



So I am Autistic,

But what does it mean?

As it’s an invisible condition,

That can’t be seen,

Although sometimes you hear it,

In the way I talk,

Sometimes it makes me clumsy,

When I run or walk

So I am Autistic

But what can I do?

Virtually everything

The same as you.

Although sometimes I do it,

At a different speed,

I can read a book in a flash,

But changing for P.E?

It’s extra time that I need.

So I’m Autistic

But what have you heard?

That we are all weird?

Or a bunch of nerds?

But look back in the books,

Of history,

So many famous people

And inventors, you will see

So I’m Autistic,

And they were too,

Albert Einstein, Mozart, Newton,

To name but a few

Satoshi Tajiri creator of Pokemon

Hans Christian Anderson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,

The list goes on.

So I am Autistic

What can you do?

To help me be happy,

Like all of you.

Talk to me, include me,

Be my Friend,

Accept who I am,

I’m just Kenzi


If you had one wish,

For what would it be?

A fast car? Big house?

Or a sack of money?

If you had one wish,

What would you choose?

Diamonds and Pearls?

Fancy clothes or new shoes?

If you had one wish,

What would you do?

Give it away?

Or use it on you?

If I had one wish,

I’d use it to show,

The world through our eyes,

The way our brains flow.

I’d use it to help,

You understand,

What life’s really like,

In the Autism Land

I’d open the door

For you to walk through,

Come take my hand,

Let me show it to you.

I’d show you how sometimes

Noise hurts our ears,

What makes us feel safe,

Our thoughts and our fears.

The things that we like,

Which seem strange to you,

Like flapping and jumping,

And spinning round too.

With one little wish,

I’d help you to see,

How confusing life is,

To children like me.

To see the world through our eyes,

Is my wish to you,

You’d see why we struggle,

If you walked in our shoes.

With only one wish,

I’d change the whole world,

Making it a place of acceptance

For all boys and girls.

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