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Starting Support Group for Chronic Pain and/or Chronic Fatigue?

PeridotPeridot Member Posts: 9 Connected
Hi there :)

Not sure if this kind of post is allowed here, but thought I'd give it a go anyways. I live in Preston, Lancashire, and have been looking for a support group near me for a while, but haven't found one. I have Fibromyalgia and (likely) CFS, and have been struggling with symptoms for a long time now. I have experienced how isolating chronic pain and fatigue can be, and while browsing message boards can be comforting, I'm still missing that face-to-face interaction I used to have. I can no longer work, and my friends and boyfriend got sick of me not being able to do things, so I don't hear off them any more. I went to a support group with my mother for her health issues, and it was just such a lovely thing to be a part of! Everyone supported everyone, offering support and advice to each other. Think something like this would help the low mood and anxiety issues that we with chronic health issues tend to experience too, as well as giving us a little community who understands the struggles we go through?

If I were to try to set up something like that up, where there could be online messaging group as well as meet-up opportunities for those who want them, would that interest anyone here? Or if anyone has set up their own group and could give me a little direction, that would be more than welcome too!
Also, if I have overlooked an existing group, then let me know :) I know there is, or was, a Preston/Chorley fibro group, but emailed them a long time ago and still haven't heard back, so unsure if they're still running. Also I would kind of like something a little more general, that could help more people?

Hope everyone is doing okay today! *gentle hugs*
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