So many wasps around!!

boriswho Community member Posts: 180 Contributor
Is it just me and the development of my phobia of these cretins that I'm startled and can hear them even after they've gone....
They constantly try to get in my home when I leave the door open for some air feels like I'm suffocating having to keep it closed.
I've helped my son develop a phobia of these as he see that I'm freaked out I can't keep calm I have to either eliminate or extract this little yellow bellied ****.
I cannot stand the scent of sprays to kill these I've resorted to getting a tin of deodorant and a light and flame thrower these pest or which them with a paper till dead.


  • boriswho
    boriswho Community member Posts: 180 Contributor
    Would it be wise to say get a jar of jam go few hundred meters from my home and leave this open for them all to consume away from my home?
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @boriswho. I'm not an expert at repelling pests (only the ladies!) but I would imagine leaving a jar of jam out in the open is likely to attract more than just wasps to the local area. There's some ideas here, including a natural repellent.

    We don't get a lot of wasps here, but dozens upon dozens of spiders and grasshoppers.
  • M_Anthony
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    Hi. Have you had look around the exterior of your home, and some of the surrounding area? It maybe a nest is near you, if you find one you can always contact the council to send in pest control to sort it out. I had this problem a few years ago and came across a nest myself.