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Pain management

Liz99 Member Posts: 18 Listener
had my 3rd pain in fusion for nerve pain in my the last in fusion helped ease my pain after a week there’s no change pain I’m still these no difference yet wondered if anyone had similar experience of not helping the pain .. cannot take most meds due to being allergic to so many not taking the chance after having bad reactions to do many 


  • Imogen_Steele
    Imogen_Steele Member Posts: 42 Courageous
    @Liz99 I’m sorry your pain in fusion has not been successful this time. While I have not had any pain in fusions myself,I can empathise with the frustration you must be feeling. I too am not able to take a lot of medications because of their side-effects. I instead rely upon Botox injections which sometimes work well and sometimes do not work in the way my doctors intended. Have you spoken to your consultant about the minimal effect this in fusion has had?
  • Liz99
    Liz99 Member Posts: 18 Listener
    I seem bk at pain clinic in December I'll explain thanks 
  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
    edited September 2019
    Hello @Liz99

    When do you next meet with the specialist? Is it possible to bring forward the appointment? Call the number on your appointment letters to ask, or email them first thing in the morning. Make a list of questions to ask.
    I know what you are feeling as I used to have bad shooting nerve pain when I was a teen. It hurt a lot. Exercise is good for pain, so try doing some light exercise each day to start with. It will help to stop pain signals from reaching your brain and help you relax too.
    Try to include stretches in your daily routine. Another thing that helped was reading up on effective techniques to control my pain. Discuss this with your consultant. Simple breathing techniques can also help. Every day, take five deep breaths and exhale slowly. This is good for clearing your head, letting you think clearly and de stress. What about a burn letter? You write one about your pain, then burn it later. Try it. Find a hobby, take up a interest or try learning a new skill etc. 
    Are you seeing a therapist or not? My therapist used to ask me to rate my pain using a pain scale. She also suggested a diary. Make a list of goals for the future that you wish to achieve. Do not forget to talk to people either. Have you ever heard of pain management courses? The idea is to make new friends and come up with a list of effective pain reduction methods and techniques to try. You will be able to discuss pain. For more information check out this link.
    Ask about that option. Also stay in contact with friends. Invite them over for a meal, or a cup of tea and a chat etc. Remember that pain should not take over your life at all. Talk about anything other than pain related topics. You could even meet up for a exercise session at a local pool or park if the weather permits. Like a swim, or a run in the fresh air. If you live near a tennis court, you could meet friends for a game of tennis. Find out what you have in common and go from there. 
    What about physical therapy? That could help. Research relaxation techniques. There are several sorts out there. If there are any available, see what happens during a mindfulness class. Again, do not underestimate the power of effective techniques.
    Stay healthy as much as possible. Eat properly. You can view a list of good self help books here or ask at your local library or bookshop for recommendations. Also look on Amazon too to find self help books. Hang in there! It will ultimately get better over time eventually trust me. 
  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 487 Pioneering
    Hi there 
    Youprobably know all this off mlby heart ajyeay
    .. But worth popping it down, just in case:

    This has loads of links to various bits and bobs. 

    Right. Pain is utter **** bags and you have my sincere sympathies. I think you just have to improve everything possible eg diet, exercise (yeah... I know shocker..(!)... ? But also relaxation helps tissues be less tense which can at least try to reduce pain to the least possible. Reducing any triggers... Pacing yourself (yes, I know.  it's a freaking nightmare... I can hear eyes rolling as I type ?). Making things as easy as possible at work, home and play.... 

    Things I have found that help me that surprised me as I'm the biggest sceptic around... 

    -Scent. I have a scented candle ? that I light when relaxing. When I'm super sore or having a pain crisis I light the same candle and it kind of reminds me to relax... I make the place I rest as lovely as possible.. Mfor me that's comfy cushions for good position, my bedroom fish tank (I thoroughly beleive that looking at my cute fish, snail, shrimp and froggy babies releases oxytocin or some such gubbins...). I have a fan and a heated blanket so I can control temperature. I have a micrwave and kettle in my room for stuff that helps like heat, drinks etc....also...chilli noodles... Oh yes... You laugh.. But chilli helps the body make natural painkillers too and ill take every bit of them I can!!

    Similar in my lounge seat downstairs. Control everything you can so that what you suffer is the minimum possible. Ooooh good comedy helps me too. Even if I'm too sore to laugh put loud some times.. It really helps. 

    Cos that's the main thing. Often it feels so helpless and hopeless doesn't it. But there is hope.! And there is help! 

    Keep in touch with GP. keep telling them how it's going... They will have more ideas and people they know with more ideas..... Since finding a few more drugs that help me 3 years ago I've not had any serious pain crisis and can also do more.... My mental health has improved so much cos at least life feels worth living now ? But it took a while to find things that work.... Do keep at it. And don't worry you're taking too much medication. People and the media are so weird about that. I've come to terms with the fa t that lovjgn my best life involves prescription medication yhe rest of my life... And I'm going to take that help and be grateful.

    Are ypu involved ina pain clinic? Have you had options in terms of talking therapy (I was sooooo sceptic but it did me wonders). Also they have specialist physios, complimentary therapy etc etc.

    Well... If you're still reading ? thanks! But long. But mainly.... Hiya! And you're not alone and lots fo stuff that can be tried still xxxx

    Any joy getting in touch after infusions? 
  • Liz99
    Liz99 Member Posts: 18 Listener
    Interesting replies thanks ? I'm seeing pain nurse next week few more opinions there .
  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
    Liz99 said:
    Interesting replies thanks ? I'm seeing pain nurse next week few more opinions there .
    Good luck and keep us updated!


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