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Arr! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,577 Scope online community team

Ahoy me hearties! International Talk Like a Pirate Day be upon us and in the spirit of things, we’ve climbed the rigging, manned the crow’s nest and set course across the Seven Seas for the best nautical natter to let you landlubbers arrrtfully parley your way past this most treasured of days.

Glossary of terms:

Ahoy! – Hello there

Aye! – Yes, or I concur

Arr! – Interjection to express excitement. Variations may include ‘Yarr!’ (a positive interjection) or ‘Harr!’ (an expression of amusement).

Belay – Stop

Booty! – Something of great value

Coffer – Where you keep your treasure

Hornswoggle – To cheat

Lad – A term of endearment for a young man

Landlubber – An individual who is unfamiliar with life aboard ship

Lass – A term of endearment for a young woman

Matey – Chum

Run a rig – Play a trick

Savvy? – Do you understand?

Scupper that! – An expression of anger

Shiver me timbers! – An expression of strong emotion

Sink me! – An expression of surprise

Take a caulk – Go for a nap

Weigh anchor – Leave home

Wet me pipe – Quench my thirst

Yo-ho-ho – An expression of merriment

Ye might also spy that this here Community Crew now (hopefully!) sport pirate-themed portraits for our avatarrrs. As well as indulging in the pirate patter today, let us see ye in yer piratey garrrb!

What will ye be doing for International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Do yer cabin boys and girls embrace all things privateer?

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