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Successful Mandatory Reconsideration

Miss_AMiss_A Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi all, i am new here so i hope this post to the relevant audience. 

I wanted to join as i wanted to share my success in my mandatory reconsideration for PIP. I have severe lower back pains, PTSD & anxiety along with nerve damage in my arms which limits my mobility. 

I had my F2F in June and it was decided in July that i was entitled to standard daily living with 11 points. I was not awarded mobility due to the fact that i can drive! 

I knew straight away i would appeal this with a MR. I reasearched for weeks terminology used by DWP such as 'reliably' 'majority of the time' etc and just fully explained how although what the assessor said was incorrect, this is how i am affected. I would advised not to sound too aggressive and phrase it like ' yes the assessor is correct that i can drive, but the HP has failed to mention that i have made adaptations to my car and i only drive to short familiar routes'. 

I really just wanted to post this as you hear so many sad stories about wanting to give up and DWP rubber stamping and the MR success rates. I hate nightmares and could not sleep as i wanted to know if it would have to be a tribunal thing but thankfully not. As previously mentioned, i was on 11 points for daily now i am enchanced. I went from zero points mobility to now 12 for the moving around descriptor. 

Remember to read on PIP guidance notes and use it in your letter to state how you meet that descriptor. 

Good luck ❤


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