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I need help Esa After winning Pip

needhelp2019 Member Posts: 23 Listener

I recently won a pip appeal and now im being told i have to attend an esa assessment.

Apparently they received forms from me last year for the esa.  I dont remeber filling them in. Can i ask to see them

Also i sent in all my pip evidence and doctors notes ect on 10th september but i rang them today and they told me they have not received it. I re-sent again today and the email address is axactly the same so why have they not received it 

Also they say the only evidence they have is on june this year. Iv 100% not sent any evidence. So where they got it from is unknown. Can i request to see that too before the appointment.

Also im being assessed from a form from a year ago  well my circumstances have changed since then im alot worse now mental healthly. And iv been put onto pip since. So why they need to asess me again 

Aldo they have msde me goto an appointment even though they should of first decided from the evidence i sent them weather i should be  on a home visit or telephone interview.

Also further more.

Can i loose my pip if they take my esa off me. Not that they should but at worst what could happen.

1 last thing.

The appointment center is at the


Is this one of those capita or atos centers or is it a dwp place thank you.

P.s im currently in the support group my problems are serious problems . So bad thst i will never work again even if they stripped me of all my benefits completely.

With all the evidence from pip appeal ect. Should i be ok. It won me a pip tribunal. It was seriously good evidence. Proving without a doubt my ilnesses are severe.

But i look ok in myself to look at. Until im having a schizophrenic attack that is. 

Thanks poppy.


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,479 Disability Gamechanger

    ESA and PIP are totally different benefits, with different criteria. Are you sure it was a year ago that you returned the ESA50 form? Did you ring and ask?

    You mention an email address, are you sending your evidence through email? if so who are you sending it to?

    I'm assuming if they had evidence in June then you must have returned your form about the same time?

    Most people have face to face assessments, it's rare to have a paper based one. If it's mental health you're claiming for then you were most likely placed into the Support Group through regulation 35.

    The appointment is with the Health assessment advisory service, these are the people that do work capability assessments and it will be in one of the assessment centres. http://www.chdauk.co.uk/

    You can take evidence with you on the day of the assessment and hand it in to the HCP.

    No, you won't lose your PIP if you're found fit for work because they are different benefits.

    Try not to think about the worst thing that could happen, i know it's difficult.

    About a week after the assessment give DWP a ring and request a copy of the assessment report, this will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be because they mostly go with the report.

    Good luck.


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