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Carers Breaks

moonlight Member Posts: 19 Connected
When enquiring about ‘Take abreak service’ 3 hours a week, but LA only say afternoon only!
as agency carers (whom they call upon) are busy in the morning, so won’t let me as a carer have 
mornings:  as things I need to do personally that can happen only in mornings! They also claim
you cannot have a break say a weekend away with hours you accumulate such as banking 6 weeks 
together is 18 hours does this mean I can have 18 hours in one go! Meaning a night in a B/B for 
a good nights sleep!? In LA s own website in certain circumstances they can accommodate carer for 
overnight. But big question why  not have ‘normal’ people who don’t have personal care training 
for sitting services? Seems stupid to have PCarer who ‘Sits’ but can’t take person to toilet?judging 
by agency fees per hour let’s say £18 ph so sit service for 3 hours £54 what a waste of money
We then found care home who do day care 9 to 5 for £75  our LA could pay the same 3 hours 
£54.  For £21 more another 5 hours! 



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