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thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
Hello every one  some of my meat free veggie recipes for the slow cooker.

I do a meat free Monday. Used up veggies and not waste anything.  Good for weekends 


You need one Onion One large Carrot, Two sticks Celery diced and sliced.
Vegetable Stock half a pint . Passata Carton 500g.
Herbs Parsley diced and chopped.
Paprika One teaspoon.
Tin of Chickpeas drained.
Salt and Pepper to taste.


Add Vegetables and Stock, Passata, Paprika,Seasonings to Slow Cooker on low for four to six hours.

Last half hour add Tin Chickpeas and Parsley cover until warm through.

Might have to adjust timings depends on your slow cooker.


You will need the following.  2 leeks diced and sliced and washed.
2 Celery sticks diced and sliced.
Potatoes use three or four baby ones diced and sliced.
Vegetable Stock half a pint. Passata carton 500g.
Parsley, chopped.
Salt and Pepper to taste.


Dice up leeks, to sink wash and rinse any dirt away add to slow cooker.  Add Celery Sticks, Potatoes diced to slow cooker cover with Vegetable stock and Passata.

On low four to six hours.

Last half hour add Parsley and cover to warm through.

Might have to adjust timings.


You need a Butternut Squash you can actually buy this diced already in some supermarkets. Or use frozen can be found.

If you using frozen defrost boiling water kettle pour over and cover then drain.

One large Carrot diced, Potatoes used baby ones three or four diced up.

Spices Ground Coriander one quarter of teaspoon.

Stock Vegetable a pint need more if a large slow cooker your using.

Mine is a small one so a pint.

Herb Coriander to taste used a small amount very strong. About a tablespoon.


Add all to a slow cooker except herbs. On low for four to six hours.

Last half hour herb Coriander.

Then to a blender or food processor please can I advise always be careful blending hot liquids.

I would make this soup cool it down.  To a bowl add the soup.  Fill a sink with cold water.  Add bowl this cools down soup quickly and safely.

Then portion it up to blender then microwave a portion. Lot easier.

Enjoy every one.


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