My son tear's his nails off his feet and hands, and suffers from anxiety. — Scope | Disability forum
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My son tear's his nails off his feet and hands, and suffers from anxiety.

Fibromite Community member Posts: 4 Connected
edited October 2019 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hi my son is 16 year's old he has medium to severe Autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, and ODD, he has IBS as well. He has been tearing his nails of his hands and feet for year's i have tried to stop him by talking to him but he still does it. If his nail is a little bit not the way he likes it he will rip it off. He has asked ne to take him to the doctor's and ask for them all to be removed, i tried to explain that they will not do this but he won't listen to me. He has started college well it's a very small one at Hill Holt woods, he loves it their and it is 3 day's a week with a small group of eight the rangers are trained to look after teenagers with Autism and other problems. I am trying to keep him going 3 time's a week sometime he will be having a bad day and won't go in. I do not have support for him at home i do everything on my own, i am classed as disabled now due to having Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis severly in my knees, neck and back, and encourage him to go. But the tearing off his nails has caused some of the nail to be deformed now, i try to look out when he is bare footed to see if he has torn one of soi clean it with antiseptic and put a little plaster on it to protect it from infection. I would be so happy for anyone who can help me with advice, as i have tried most thing's to prevent him from doing it.



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