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complaint against IAS

Sasha171216 Member Posts: 16 Listener
My MP i supporting me re with a complaint against IAS,I have to compose a short paragraph for my MP's caseworker to submit to MP who will then write a letter.This is my second PIP refusal -same report s copied in,same lies-wrote an 18 page MR as to what was wrong with the report.etc.Unsure as what to include for MP.,without being judgemental or stating that the HP lied throughout,Can anyone advise-I have til monday to submit to MP.


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,607 Disability Gamechanger

    Request an MR and avoiding the lies/contradictions is vital because DWP/Tribunal won't be interested in any of those, they are only ever interested in where and why you think you should have scored those points.

    Making a complain to IAS is different because it's those lies/contradictions you're complaining about it, personally i don't know how you can avoid them for this purpose because surely that's your reason for the complaint in the first place? No one can tell you what you should write because no one here has seen your assessment report. The only person that can write it is yourself but if it was me i'd tell it how it is and what was wrong with the report. If your assessment wasn't recorded though, it will still be your word against theirs.

    I do hope you get something from this because the more than complain the better and maybe in the future something will be done. Good luck.
  • Sasha171216
    Sasha171216 Member Posts: 16 Listener
    thank you Poppy,i did include in my MR where and what points I should have scored,
    Even if the assessment was recorded they can still lie about"what they observed" which is what the Hp did in 2017-lied that he "saw me sort through papers laid on the floor from seated position".,One the papers -my claim form-I went to  place on the table in front of me and dropped them on the floor  so I couldnt sort through them,I was sat at the table the whole time facing the HP.
    This year the HP said almost the same "was seen to pick up papers from a table next to her.Yes my claim form was on the table but not within reach as table was two feet away from where I was seated.
    one concrete piece of evidence that the reports are not reliable as the MS/CNS and mental state reports-these are word for word copies pasted into the HP  reports.I have evidence of that in both my PIP reports,

    They are contradictory etc from the start because in the info booklet they state "tell us what aids you use and what help you need what you cannot do  -it is these that score points"I told them exactly that the same as I did for IB.DLA and ESA.
    then they try all different tactics to avoid these.such as "using schooling to suggest cognitivity and where i chose to live.when neither bear any relevance as i became ill in 1995 and left school in 1975,The DM stated that i could do everything unaided  when I use aids to get about,manage toilet needs,manage meds,dress,eating and drinking,have a carer wash and dry ,my hair,wash my back ,cut my nails,prepare meals,so all those alone score points,

    Jeremy Corbyn wants rid or UC -should do the same to rid of the assessment companies.
    They need to accept what we say our problems are and what we cannot do etc,if they can do it for IB.ESA and DLA -they can do it for PIP,It ids not us who lie.


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