No consideration for conditions by govt

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I feel guilty posting since I haven't been here for a while, but I am really struggling, I have just been through an 8 month battle for pip, in which time I couldn't afford to put my car back on the road, mot. 
I have been in bed since Friday with my condition, (lung disease) to look out of my window to see my car gone, then to top it off, opening the door finding a letter from hmrc with a tax bill for £4300.not filing my tax online, I have never been self employed except agency where I was payed,
I have never had debt in my life until the government, I have just finished paying a supposed overpayment of tax credits, £2000, I am sure this government just wants to push us all to suicide if we don't contribute to them making the rich richer. 


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    Hi @Audinut70, lovely to hear from you. It's okay to have a break and just take things at your own pace. It sounds like you have had a really hard few months, I'm really sorry to hear this.

    I imagine it was very stressful to receive the letter from HMRC, have you managed to ring up and clarify if this is correct?

    Your mention of suicide is concerning to us and I just wanted to check in to see how your mental health is doing? You are a valuable member of the community and please let us know if we can do anything to help.
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    Hi @Audinut70, so pleased you have contacted the online community, you are very much wanted and valued. 
    Please take time to get support from the many agencies that are very willing to help you at this very stressful time. You are not alone, you will get through this, I know it seems hard to see the wood for the trees at the moment but in my experience life can get better.

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    Thanks for the swift replies, concern ,I really don't have the energy to fight this government anymore, they will always find a way to make life a misery. 

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    Hi @Audinut70
    I am so sorry to hear how difficult things are for you right now. MIND are a great charity who can offer advice and support, they say money and mental health are often linked. Poor mental health can make managing money harder and worrying about money can make your mental health worse.

    It can help to talk things through with someone you can trust

    Sharing your worries and talking things through can be a relief. But it isn't always easy. It can sometimes help to make notes first or even write everything in a letter.

    Here are some people who might be able to help.

    • friend or family member.
    • support worker or health professional.
    • Your local Mind may be able to help you work out who to talk to. They may also be able to help you get an advocate (someone who can give you support to express your wishes and make sure your voice is heard).
    • Peer support. If you don't feel comfortable talking to family or friends, you could consider looking for some peer support from other people who have been there. See our info on peer support for some suggestions.
    • Samaritans. Money worries can make you feel trapped and hopeless. If you are finding it difficult to see a way forward you could talk to Samaritans for free on 116 123 or Our page on suicidal feelings might help too. 
    I'm glad you are a member of our community here and that you are chatting with us, you aren't alone.
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    Thanks, I am considering going to my mp for help with my hmrc problem, and it is nice having a community to help. 
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    Going to your MP is a good idea, I do hope she or he can help you. 

    Thanks for coming on here and explaining the problems and how you are feeling, that's  difficult at times like this.  

    So sorry you are going through such a tough time and I really hope things get better for you soon.  

    Lots of people on here will understand how you feel, even the financial side. So do try to keep posting if you possibly can.  <3
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    Audinut70 said:
    Thanks, I am considering going to my mp for help with my hmrc problem, and it is nice having a community to help. 
    We have HMRC after my partner for £8k as they have failed repeatedly, ask for a Subject Access Request under GPDR and you don’t even need to fill a form as it must be acted on from a verbal request.

    recognise you need to complain until deadlock and they will continue harassment even while waiting for a tribunal.

    Recognise debt collectors have zero powers- ignore them.

    go for a tribunal
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    Thanks for the advice, really helpful, hope you get your partners sorted soon.