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Self Employed currently in inappropriate work

Having been canned by DWP even with MP support.
Relative has helped to get me some self employed jobs, don't tell clients about the issues I have and it is getting harder and harder to keep the issues I have hidden.
Worse than that the market has shrivelled to point it doesn't bring in enough to provide a survival income.

I've totally inappropriate manual work tomorrow which will make my joint and bowel issues  bad-but need the money 

Any suggestions as I'd rather do ANYTHING rather than go near DWP 


  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
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    Hello @WhileIBreathIHope   The following may be of interest to you.


    Also may I advise look at volunteering your local community volunteer unit.

    Under your County Council.

    Often looking at volunteering can lead to employment.

    Add that make a list of your talent, skills, abilities. Anything you think is a life style skill or an ability.

    Look at your disability or illness or condition as a way getting or finding employment.

    Many organisations, associations connected with your issues are always looking for staff. Especially as might use your issues as you have the knowledge, education that might heal, help others.

    Mentoring and training plus some inspiration can benefit others from being supportive.

    This one area of employment I would recommend  considering.

    Hope that helps you wish you the best.

    I have to admit need to say who I am my disability or mental health if I think it is going to get me a door opened and a opportunity .

    Never feel embarrassed or shamed about who I am because in the time I am here. 

    Do I need to prove myself. If others discriminate me .

    There the problem not me.

    Need to disclose my illness or disability.  Always a good idea. Something you not aware of have to say this.

    Be open and honest. What would happen if your doing the present role?

    Got hurt, injured or in pain.  Then decided to claim for compensation or sickness or think about it has made your conditions worse.

    If an employer finds out he is not going to be happy.

    As you failed to disclose your illness or condition. Something to think about.  

    Have been on this forum the debate of not disclosing. Or admitted ill or other problems.

    I have always done so. Have to you can see who I am and the employer concerned has given me a lot of support. Offered outside help and advice.

    Just a thought.


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  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
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    @thespiceman Really appreciate the suggestions and do not want to come across as either aggressive or shouting- exasperated by my situation.

    apart from DLA set up many years ago by a Key Worker on basis of Autism Diagnosis.
    The cascade of things that happen I got thrown off incapacity Benefits, thrown off Direct Payments and evening the MP couldn’t fix it permanently.

    Fearful that the next issue would be accusations of xyz I spoke with taxaid and registered self employed with their help.
    My partner has had tax credits cut and a SAR proves that HMRC Tax Credits are vindictive and cancelled as if never was- instead of correcting their error.
    The only good thing is Taxaid got HMRC NES to intervene and 35mins a year and a box of receipts it is all sorted.

    So I currently do work that is totally unsuitable with a UTC number, if I get hurt- then sure that chances of payouts next to nil, but the place won’t get fined for illegal workers as I have self employed utc

    I looked at the list of jobs and thin on ground in my area, unless the job comes with an onsuite or Time off in Loo, I see my chances of employment as nil.

    The only saving grace with self employed is more money in pocket compared to PAYE and think more chances of winning lottery than getting Access to work or uc from prior efforts.

    That and unsurprisingly I wouldn’t trust DWP to spit on them as even to the MP they made it clear I was being targeted.

    My experience to date and 40 plus years, physical disability still attracts discrimination, but hidden disabilities people simply can’t get their heads round it.

    a 1pm to 7pm or a freelance self employed flexi time would be perfect as I often don’t sleep properly as joint pain.

    Even if I’m half dead tomorrow I can always blame it on the flu and disappear after a couple of hours. 

    I‘M grateful after reading the horrific survival sex for £5 stories, not quite at that stage thankfully.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
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    Hello @WhileIBreathIHope   Thank you for reply. Thank you for sharing.

    Understand this. Please can I just say your not alone with what you are going through.

    Many members have this. I had this.

    Signed back on to the dole at the age of early fifties.

    Left to rot on the scrap heap.  I have and do sympathise.  Have also the time to listen to you.

    I also had the situation of being in the treadmill for ten years or more of the roundabouts of assessing either I am fit or unfit constantly.

    Had so much happen to me.  I ended up on these dead end back to work schemes for ten years or more while signing on.

    Every one who has been through the crying stage of their life. I have so have millions of us.

    I went from successful company I created employed staff and had a turn over made money and was making money for my self.

    Working hard and then addiction hit me. Plus some other private issues.

    Lost a lot of money in debts, the taxman no clothes no home and no one to look after me. No family who shunned me tried to take me to court.

    Even my savings went to taxman and my collections I had amounted up went to pay for debts. I collected things had to sell lifetime collections. The car and had no one to help me find a way to move forward.

    Once walked to my nearest town had no money no bus fare nowt. I have problems walking agony and pain . Thanks to a passing taxi driver who met me before.

    Stopped and he became a lifeline.

    Had to walk to town those days the giro came by post and some one forget me. Jobcentre had to give me money. No neighbours would help or anything.

    Had to walk, how far would you walk on your own no family or friends. Must have been miles before the taxi picked me up.

    Went to a college found a new home and got everything I thought was going great. Then had problems with landlords, intimidation, threats and insinuations. Moved five times to cope with addiction, mental health. Community and so called friends used a abused me.

    I am a door mat not a friend.  Just got rid of the last poacher user last couple of months ago.  Up the road he is more interested in his self centred self.

    I am from a time when I did not ask any one for help and support. Did not wish to know left school with nothing.

    Had family who hurt, abused and used me as a feed bucket. This is my crying time story.

    I have been on so many false promises from employers who tag you along, make claims wild ones and much more.

    I could be a millionaire the amount of claims for discriminations and physical mental abuse in the work place.

    I have to leave many jobs, my parents chagrin the torment and so one.

    When your born with a disability been and seen everything. Including suicide of friends who because of their disability can not get jobs.

    This does happen this the life experiences of millions of us.

    You are angry, frustrated, annoyed. Made a fool of.

    What changed me first. Stopped crying time.  I have bad days and good days every one does . So use that anger and focus on why is this happening.

    Second get help and advice, start listening to people.  A lot of support, advice, guidance out there. You want and be aware of in a hole a rut a deep pit every one has been there so have I..

    I found mine through addiction.  Used and found mental health services. Been honest open with my issues and problems.

    Been polite, kind and thanks does help a lot.  Recovered from that.

    I must also share most rehabs give the wake up call.  I am being polite here a kick in the lemons.

    If you do not wish to help yourself they will throw you out.  Important lesson.  In fact any organisation will throw you out if you do adhere to their rules, guidance, advice or anything else.

    Say no your out all about money, budgets and staff. Understand with addiction you have to succeed be strong cope because if you lapse.

    You might have to restart again the journey.

    Smile sweetly say yes I learnt that often back on the street. Taken me thirty years to work that one out.

    Got help, support with my benefit issues one important thing and aspect of benefits systems. There are those out there who are good people and work hard to intervene and support those with benefit difficulties.

    I found a mental health charity who advised me about the  benefit system who I explained to what has happened.  By this time older than you. Still on a treadmill still being abused and treated badly.

    All I did was admit and used and need to explain be honest and consider how they can help me.

    I forget to say on these training schemes you are not wanted .  By the training scheme who are funded by the Government .

    Put in a group of people middle to late forties, fifties and early sixties.  

    All morning wasted just doing nothing no one wants to know.

    There invention and sending letters to DWP and also may I add eased the situation.

    I know still have to assessments will do for the rest of my life could be up to 70.

    Lost my car I had on the Motability scheme since been on that twenty years plus.

    Have to change used taxis, no one in the villages want to know. My last friend, absolutely not so yet he is and has used my car .  Panic sets in help . I just had to change do on line shopping and everything else on line.

    Yet I know have the tools, education and knowledge plus my faith to cope and move on.

    I use a lot of my knowledge, expertise and lots of other things to help me.

    I did not intend this post I am sending to you being a point scoring exercise or tit for tat.

    You can move on you can succeed. This I hope may help. Success comes in cans not can nots.

    I wish you well whatever you decide I am here to help and be supportive.

    On other point you need maybe to listen. I know that is hard I know myself but there are a lot of people on here.

    Trying to be helpful offering hands of friendship.

    It is time to be thinking positive.



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  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    I do understand and appreciate that other people struggle every day. 

    What I struggle with is a deep distrust of "professionals" as these people either have a sunshine smile and fobbed off.
    Or worse still they plot your downfall. 
    I've had some horrific childhood and adult experience's- but I am not a victim, I am a survivor.

    My intent is not to hurt anyone, just using this forum for support and to sandbox my struggles. 

    I do agree my situation is wholly unsuitable, but the bills keep coming and I do not trust anyone locally to not smile while they stab me in the back. 

  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
    Hello @WhileIBreathIHope

    Have you looked online? I know that Scope have a scheme that is aimed at helping disabled people find and stay in work. It is called Support to Work. 
  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    Hello @WhileIBreathIHope

    Have you looked online? I know that Scope have a scheme that is aimed at helping disabled people find and stay in work. It is called Support to Work. 
    Thanks for the link, I will take a look properly tomorrow as can’t sleep as worrying about  work tomorrow.
  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    Well that was an interesting day, piece of equipment being removed had various parts that looked either really old or a few years old, told to place everything carefully into vehicle and we would sort later.

    New  equipment had loads of small boxes of parts/fittings etc and I made a beeline for the small boxes after being told too expensive to drop or damage on installation.

    Sat opening numbered boxes one by one and removing bits as it was put together.

    Then away from business I was asked to help strip the old equipment, anything a magnet didn’t stick too worth more money.
    Anything with a part number checked on internet and will be cleaned and sold off.
    Waste Carriers Licence needed and trip to recycling place -amazing prices for junk- copper, aluminium, lead and stainless seem worth lots of money 

    with 8 toilet visits later I’m exhausted and home, but £50 better off

    curled up with my dog currently.
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,971

    Scope community team

    Sounds like you earned your 50 quid, @WhileIBreathIHope!
    Senior Community Partner
  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    Sounds like you earned your 50 quid, @WhileIBreathIHope!
    Hey Adrian, I got paid promptly, it’s over minimum wage for hours done and got picked up and dropped off- could have been worse. 
  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    been sat removing nails from wood most of the day earned £59.50 and I think tomorrow will be lazy day as I have some work Thursday-found today a bit much.

    prescribed tablets and a hot bath later- feels like i got run over by a bus today and joints on fire
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    Sounds like you have had a busy day! Definitely deserving a rest. Take it easy this evening. :)

  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    £30 sales yesterday and 7 hours in an unheated building, my joints are on fire for £60.
    planning on sleeping tomorrow morning as exhausted.
    :-) running a bath and ignoring trick or treating.
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    Hope you managed to so that last night @WhileIBreathIHope!

  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    edited November 2019
    Hi ho hi ho it’s off to work I go with a warm distant memory of direct payments lol.
    Fell over today as well, so doing well.
    Burning joints and hips and moving stuff for some floorboards or something to be pulled up- call me trigger as I look for a brush and try to avoid any lifting.

    8am I have to be up and can’t sleep as in pain.
    🤗what a wonderful existence 

  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,971

    Scope community team

    Hope it's not too difficult a day @WhileIBreathIHope.
    Senior Community Partner
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    How have things been today @WhileIBreathIHope?

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